Concrete Dishes

Concrete Dishes

Finding fresh ways to elevate your home decor can be a challenge. Concrete dishes, often overlooked, are emerging as a versatile and stylish option. This article will guide you through 10 unique ways to integrate concrete dishes into your home, from serving trays to decorative pieces.

Get ready for inspiration!

Unique Ways to Use Concrete Dishes in Home Decor

1. Use concrete dishes as a table centerpiece and make them the focal point of your dining area.

2. Repurpose concrete dishes as plant holders to bring an industrial touch to your indoor greenery.

As a table centerpiece

Fill a concrete dish with water and float candles and flower petals for an elegant table centerpiece. This setup is perfect for dinner parties or quiet nights in. The matte finish of the concrete adds a modern touch to any table setting, making it both functional as a charger under your stoneware plates or purely decorative.

Use different sizes of concrete dishes to create depth and interest on your dining table. You can layer them with porcelain dinnerware for a mixed texture look that catches the eye.

Adding small succulents or colorful stones can personalize the centerpiece, reflecting your unique style while keeping the decor fresh and trendy.

As a serving tray

Use concrete dishes as unique serving trays for a modern and industrial touch during meals or gatherings. The durable nature of cement dishes ensures they can withstand the weight of food and drinks, making them a functional and stylish choice.

Pairing these handmade dinner sets with natural materials like wood or metal enhances the overall aesthetic, offering a trendy yet practical addition to your tableware collection.

Creative uses for concrete dishes extend beyond traditional tableware, offering an unconventional option that adds both style and functionality to your dining experience. Incorporating these limited collection pieces into your home decor allows you to showcase their versatility while making a lasting impression on your guests through innovative design choices.

As a soap dish

Make a stylish statement in your bathroom by using concrete dishes as unique soap dishes. The durability of concrete ensures that it can withstand moisture and be easily cleaned, making it an ideal choice for this everyday use.

By incorporating concrete dishes into your bathroom decor, you can achieve a modern and industrial look while also enjoying the practical benefits of this versatile material.

As a plant holder

Use concrete dishes as stylish plant holders to add an industrial touch to your home decor. Create a modern and unique display for your indoor plants using concrete bowls or trays, adding an element of chic design.

Pairing the raw texture of concrete with the natural greenery of plants can elevate the overall aesthetic appeal of any room, bringing a trendy urban vibe into your living space.

Incorporate small succulents or cacti in concrete coasters or shallow bowls to create eye-catching mini gardens that can be placed on tables or shelves throughout your home. The durability and versatility of concrete make it a perfect material for showcasing your favorite plants while adding a touch of contemporary flair to your interior design scheme.

As a decorative piece

Enhance your decor with concrete dishes as captivating decorative pieces in your home. These stylish and unconventional items add a modern industrial touch to any room, creating a unique visual appeal that complements various design styles.

Concrete dishes come in diverse shapes and sizes, from plates to holders, allowing for versatile and customizable arrangements that cater to different preferences. By incorporating these quirky concrete dish ideas into your decor, you can infuse an element of creativity while staying true to the durability and lasting allure of concrete dinnerware.

Elevate your interior styling with these trendy concrete dish options which bring a fresh perspective to unconventional home decor.

Benefits of Using Concrete Dishes

Concrete dishes are durable and long-lasting, adding a modern and industrial touch to your home decor. They are versatile and customizable, making them a unique addition to any room.

Durable and long-lasting

Concrete dishes are known for their durability and long-lasting nature. They can withstand wear and tear, making them ideal for daily use as well as special occasions. Their sturdy construction ensures that they remain in top condition even after frequent use, providing a reliable option for your home decor needs.

The longevity of concrete dishes is reinforced by the material’s resilience to chipping or breaking, giving you peace of mind in their practicality while adding an industrial-chic touch to your living space.

Furthermore, their robustness makes them suitable for various purposes such as serving food, displaying decor items, or organizing essentials around the house.

Adds a modern and industrial touch

Concrete dishes add a modern and industrial touch to your home decor. The sleek and minimalist design of these dishes complements contemporary interior styles, giving a chic and stylish vibe to any room.

The raw texture of concrete adds an edgy and urban element, making it a trendy choice for those looking to infuse their space with a touch of industrial charm. With customizable options available in various shapes and sizes, concrete dishes offer versatility that suits different decor themes, providing a unique way to elevate the aesthetic appeal of your home.

So get creative with concrete dishes and bring an on-trend industrial flair into your home decor!

Versatile and customizable

Concrete dishes are versatile in style, ranging from plates and trays to bowls and coasters. They can be customized with different colors, textures, and finishes to suit various decor styles.

These dishes offer flexibility for use in different rooms and can be paired with other natural materials for a unique touch in home decor.

Additionally, concrete dishes have gained popularity as they provide a modern and industrial aesthetic while seamlessly blending into various design themes. The ability to customize them allows homeowners to add a personal touch to their living spaces by incorporating these stylish yet durable pieces.

Different Types of Concrete Dishes

Explore a variety of concrete dishes, including plates, trays, bowls, coasters, and holders to elevate your home decor. Mix and match different types of concrete dishes for a personalized touch in each room.


Concrete plates are a stylish and unconventional addition to your home decor. These durable dishes can serve as unique salad or dessert plates, adding an industrial touch to your dining table.

When paired with other natural materials like wood or cloth, concrete plates create a modern and versatile look for any meal.

For a trendy and fresh twist in home decor, consider incorporating stoneware dishes alongside these creative uses of concrete plates. Comfortable and striking, stoneware complements the robust appeal of concrete in an unexpected yet appealing manner, transforming your dining experience into a memorable one.


Concrete trays are versatile home decor items that can be used in various ways. They serve as stylish serving trays for entertaining guests and also make excellent organizers for coffee tables, ottomans, or kitchen counters.

The sturdy construction of concrete trays ensures durability and longevity, making them a practical and trendy addition to any home decor. These trays come in different shapes and sizes, from small snack trays to larger statement pieces, providing creative uses for concrete dishes within your living space.


Concrete bowls offer a versatile and modern addition to your home decor. Use them as stylish serving dishes for salads, pastas, or snacks during gatherings. Concrete bowls can also double as striking decorative pieces on shelves or countertops, adding an industrial touch to any room.

Embrace the trend of using unconventional materials in home decor with these fresh ideas for incorporating concrete bowls into your space.

When considering different types of concrete dishes, keep in mind that bowls come in various sizes and shapes, making them suitable for different purposes. Pairing concrete bowls with other natural materials like wood or glass can create a visually appealing contrast and add interest to your home decor.

These unique items are not only durable but also provide an opportunity to infuse personality into your living spaces.


Concrete coasters are versatile and stylish additions to your home decor. These durable pieces not only protect your furniture from water rings and scratches but also add an industrial-chic vibe to any room.

Whether used for hot or cold drinks, concrete coasters offer a modern touch to your tabletop while being easy to clean and maintain. Their sleek, minimalist design makes them perfect for both casual gatherings and formal occasions.

Unconventional yet practical, concrete coasters come in various shapes, sizes, and colors to suit different styles of decor. With their ability to withstand wear and tear, these coasters are not just trendy but functional pieces that can elevate the overall look of your living space.

So next time you’re searching for unique ways to spruce up your home decor with a touch of modernity, consider incorporating these trendy concrete coasters into your setting.


Add a modern touch to your home decor by using concrete dishes as holders for various items such as candles, keys, and jewelry. The sturdy construction of concrete holders ensures they can be used in any room and withstand wear and tear.

Experiment with different sizes and shapes of concrete holders to create an eye-catching display that complements your style.

How to Incorporate Concrete Dishes in Your Home Decor

Incorporate concrete dishes by mixing and matching with different textures, adding pops of color with food and accessories, using them in various rooms in your home, pairing them with other natural materials, and incorporating them into different styles of decor.

Make the most out of your concrete dishes in unique and creative ways that suit your personal style.

Mix and match with different textures

Mix and match concrete dishes with different textures to create visual interest. Pair smooth concrete plates with a textured tablecloth for a balanced look that adds depth to your dining table setting.

Combine the industrial feel of concrete trays with soft, plush fabrics or natural wood elements for a striking contrast in your living space. Intertwine the rough texture of concrete bowls with sleek metallic accents to infuse elegance into your decor scheme.

By mixing and matching various textures, you can create a harmonious fusion that elevates the overall aesthetic appeal of your home decor, adding an element of modernity alongside tactile allure.

Add pops of color with food and accessories

Enhance the appeal of your concrete dishes by incorporating pops of vibrant color with fresh fruits, salads, or desserts when using them as serving trays or plates. Introduce a splash of color and texture to your concrete dish settings by pairing them with vibrant napkins, colorful table runners, or bright decorative accessories.

Utilize flowers and plants with rich hues to infuse life and color into your concrete plant holders for an eye-catching display on any surface.

Opt for bold and vivid food items such as brightly colored cocktails served in glassware placed on concrete coasters to create visual interest while protecting surfaces. Adorn your concrete dishes with colorful accessories like patterned trivets, striking cutlery, or decorative linens to add a lively touch during gatherings or everyday use.

Incorporate these elements to effortlessly elevate the visual impact of your unique home decor featuring stylish and versatile concrete dishes.

Use in various rooms in your home

Incorporate concrete dishes in the kitchen as stylish dinner plates or unique serving trays for a modern touch. Utilize them in the bathroom as chic soap dishes, blending durability with contemporary design.

In the living room, adorn your coffee table with concrete coasters or use a decorative concrete dish as a striking centerpiece to elevate the space. Embrace these unconventional decor pieces throughout your home to infuse an industrial flair while showcasing their versatility and timeless appeal.

Pair with other natural materials

To create a harmonious look, pair concrete dishes with other natural materials like wood, stone, or glass. This contrast adds warmth and texture to your decor while highlighting the industrial feel of the concrete.

For example, pairing a concrete tray with wooden coasters or placing a concrete bowl on a marble countertop creates an appealing visual balance that enhances your home decor style.

By incorporating these natural elements alongside concrete dishes, you can achieve a modern and organic aesthetic that appeals to both contemporary and traditional design preferences.

Embracing this fusion of materials allows for endless creativity in styling your home decor with unique and visually engaging combinations.

Incorporate into different styles of decor

Concrete dishes can be seamlessly integrated into various styles of decor, such as industrial, minimalist, and modern. By pairing concrete dishes with clean lines and neutral tones, you can achieve a sleek and contemporary look.

For a more rustic or bohemian aesthetic, consider combining them with natural elements like wood or woven textures. Additionally, for an eclectic style, mix and match concrete dishes with vibrant patterns and unconventional pieces to make a bold statement in your home decor.

Key Points: unique ways to use concrete dishes in home decor; trendy concrete dish styling; incorporate different styles of decor


Explore the ten unique ways to incorporate concrete dishes into your home decor. Add a modern and industrial touch with these versatile and durable pieces. Mix, match, and customize to fit different styles and rooms in your home.

Embrace the unconventional and elevate your space with stylish concrete dish decor.

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