About Me

Hello and welcome to my blog. My name is Callie and I am a 23 year old receptionist living in London with my lovely boyfriend and two best friends.

This blog is a little space where I am talk all about my life, beauty and fashion interests. At a size 18-20 I am, what some may call 'Plus size.' When I first started writing this wee blog it was a diet journal. I swiftly realised that I no longer wanted to make the focus of my life around losing weight. I decided to try and make positive changes to my life, to learn some body confidence and share with other women the enjoyment of fashion and beauty at any size. I have been inspired by many other bloggers in the Plus Size community to push boundaries with fashion, to ignore the rules, to say no to body covering tunics. I hope this to be a place where I promote body positiveness. So I hope you enjoyed your visit do stick around for more.