5 things that made me happy in March


Can you believe I finally went part time at work?! After years of juggling my blog and my job I decided to take the leap into the freelance world, and as of March the 1st I finally became a part time freelancer. Two days might not seem a lot but it does mean having more time to go to meetings, write more blog posts, and actually get through my emails in a reasonable time. My first day freelancing involved a breakfast meeting with the PR of River Island followed by a good catch up with my bestie  Danie, enjoying a sunny lunch al fresco. It's weird having time I can dedicate to blogging, time which I actually manage myself. So far I have been using my two days wisely by planning a re-brand, a new blog design and starting work on something really exciting with my new page The Confidence Corner  so watch this space!


Having two days to finally sit down and write content for my blog has been life changing. For so long I would work evenings and weekends from my sofa to try and get stuff done. Now I can finally enjoy working in a bright coffee shop or a brunch spot midweek and actually enjoy some free time over my weekends and evenings. My new favorite place to work is No197 Chiswick Fire Station which my friend Emily introduced me to when we went for brunch a couple of weeks ago. This place is actual decor goals, just look at those baby pink velvet sofas and the cactus decor!  I loved sitting with my macbook writing away looking up only to order coffee. It made me 10 x more productive than being in my home surrounded by distractions like Judge Judy, Netflix and cute cats. Venturing out has really helped me focus and get shit done, Girl Boss mode is on! 


This year I turned 28, something I can't quite believe because it honestly feels like just turned 21, where the hell does the time go?! Most of my birthdays involve a dinner at Nandos and a Colin the Caterpillar cake which is all a gal like me needs, but Dan had other plans! This year as a surprise gift, he got us flights to Marrakech! We spent my birthday in sunny Morocco, enjoying fresh mint tea on a beautiful rooftop over the medina, exploring, eating all the good food and hunting for cute homeward bits in the souks. The sunshine always makes me happy and with it being 23 degrees it made this birthday extra lovely, if you want to read about our 4 day trip to Marrakech, you can read about it all here


I got to do lots of fun things in March, like learn how to make a floral arrangement with my friends at Radley London and Bloom On, whilst also taking a peek at their gorgeous new spring collection which FYI is stunning. The event was at Paper Mill Studios, a loft apartment of dreams, so dreamy  in fact that Jamie Oliver films his cookery shows in the very kitchen I am pretending I own below. It was actual home goals and made me want to won't to pack up my home and start again! 

Last week I saw  Beauty and the Beast with beauty brand Olay, which, omg was amazing! If you love Disney and haven't seen it, you have to go! It was so well done and really beautifully shot, I obvs cried my eyes out at the end because I am such a sensitive lil soul also. That same day I also customised my own pair of jeans with Evans  at their denim event, it was sun fun to making something really unique and personal, plus I also got to see so many lovely blogger pals for catch ups.


When it comes to skincare I am no expert, in fact for years I used face wipes as my only form of cleansing. Since discovering beauty and skincare blogs  things have changed dramatically for me. Double cleansing is now part of my routine and trying new skincare products is now my fav thing, hello angel glowy skin. Kiehls is up there as one of my ultimate favs and their new oil cleanser as part of their midnight recovery range is amazing. Using the new pure vitality skin renewing cream has also helped re-hrydrate my skin after the heavy sun exposure in Marrakech, it also helps that it smells like honey and glides on like butter. If you haven't tried it I would definitely recommend getting a sample for a Kiehls shop, it really is a game changer.

What 5 things made you happy in March?!