How to make Life Lovely

Hello everyone, and happy belated New Year to you. Gosh, I can't believe that we are nearly one month into 2017 and this is the first time we are chatting I've missed you all! I thought when planning my content before Christmas that my first post back would be some kind of 2016 round up or a post sharing with you my New Years resolutions, but to be honest, I don't really want to make resolutions this year. Setting un-realistic goals is so 2001 so instead this year I am working on simple, achievable goals and targets. So with that said today I am sharing with you my personal 5 goals to make every day a little bit, more lovely. All the clothing I am wearing in this blog post are from the plus size range 'Papaya' at Matalan who kindly collaborated with me to bring you this post. As you can see, the items are a little more colourful than my go-to but that is exactly what I want for my life this year, more brightness, more colour and more loveliness. So without further ado here are my goals for making my life lovely.

1. Making time for reading 

When on my honeymoon, throughout the day (when not exploring Mexico) Dan and I sat by the pool or at the beach and enjoyed reading our books for a few hours in the sunshine. It was so lovely to have quiet time and to enjoy the peace and I want to make that part of my normal routine, be that over a weekend or reading on my commute to work. I also read some empowering, business books that made me feel ready to take on 2017 and my goal is to include more of these style motivational books into my reading schedule. Girl boss mode is on!

What I am wearing:  Long line Floral Shirt

2. Work/life balance

Last year my work life balance was way off and by the end of the year I was both exhausted and unhappy. Blogging is such an important part of my life but, as you may know I work another full time job, meaning sometimes I can overwhelm myself with too much work and not enough play. This year I am going to work on a better work life balance starting off by finally going part time in my full time job to dedicate more time to my passion with blogging and my writing with Marie Claire. Secondly I I plan on taking time to switch off and learning to understand when enough is enough. Last year I found myself procrastinating a lot and that was because I was simply overworking myself and I was losing all my creativity. Forcing yourself to do work is counterproductive, so this time I am going to call time on myself, step away from my laptop and come back to it when I am in the right frame of mind.

What I am wearing: Ripped Skinny Jeans and Embroidered cold shoulder  

3. Positive Vibes, Positive Mind, Positive Life 

This one may seem pretty obvious but, you will be surprised just how much we let negative thoughts get to us and effect our life and those around us. Nearing to the end of the year, everything felt like it was going wrong, and I was in a constant state of sadness and anger and that reflected not just in my work life but in my personal life. When I flew off on my honeymoon, the moment I stepped off the plane, I felt a release of stress and that was because I told my mind, 'Right this is going to be a lovely, special, relaxing break for Dan and I. Our minds are powerful tools and if we surround ourselves with positive people, and particularly positive women we will see a change in ourselves. So, no more listening to Negative Nancie's, or thoughts about self doubt. Good Vibes only for this gal.

Item in image: Slogan T-Shirt

4. Be Bold 

As women we sometimes teach ourselves to shy away, to stay quiet and to not stand out, this is something plus size women in particular do because they have always been told that they are not good enough. Well I say no to all of that. Be bold, be colourful, stand out of the crowd. If you want to wear a dress over a pair of jeans (like I have in this look) do it, if you want to wear head to toe pink - go for it. We only get one life and I think we have to live it as authentically as we can.

What I am wearing:  High Waist Pull on Jeggings  &  Embroidered Shirt

5. Find time for yourself 

Last but by no means least, I am going to work on some more 'me time' this ties in with my work life balance tip a lot. Sometimes you need to give yourself some time to enjoy life in order to get those creative juices back flowing. Self care is important, so this year I want to make some more time to enjoy a hot bath with a face mask, spend one weekend of a month enjoying a Netflix binge on the sofa or going to the cinema with my hubs or my friends. Or even something as small as popping out for a walk and grabbing myself a coffee before work, all these small things will help to make my life a little bit more lovely and that my friends, is all I want for 2017.

What I am wearing: Khaki Printed Jacket 

Thank you Matalan who worked with me to bring you this post, I hope you do check out their new pieces they are really lovely! Tell me below what lovely things you want to bring into your life?