Pleated Perfection.

Let me first disclaim that I shot these photos back in October, because like hell would you catch me outside without a coat on now. Winter is finally here and it's raining a lot, but Christmas is near and it is my favorite time, for some reason my moody automatically lifts as it draws closer. Shops dress their windows, lights glisten along the streets, mulled wine and hot cider becomes acceptable to drink and the year slowly closes to an end. Urgh I just love it and everything about it, so I am willing to forgive the miserable rain for some Christmas cheer. This oufit is a mix of Elvi and River Island Plus both of which are my favorite brands, the cut and finish on all their items are worth every penny but my favorite piece of this look has to be the skirt. Pleats are just so perfect on everyone and the midi length of this skirt is perfect for winter, although I won't get too much use out of this over Christmas as Dan and I are finally heading off to our honeymoon in Mexico. Bring on the sunshine and margaritas!

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