My favorite Wide Fit boots for Winter

So here's the thing, I hate my feet, like, actually hate them and if I could rub a genie bottle, make a wish and swap my feet I would, in a heartbeat! There are so many shoes that I have admired over the years that I knew would never fit on my pork chop feet, and growing up with wide feet, especially was not easy.  Back in the day virtually no shops catered to the wider fit customer, unless they were ugly old lady shoes. Oh and don't even get me started trying on shoes in store which was/is an actual work out when you have wider feet, trying to fit into shoes that will only house your big toe.
The thing is having a wider foot is actually not just an issue for plus size women, but for all kinds of women and now more than ever brands are giving us choices that provide both comfort and style meaning you don't have to compromise one for the other. Today I thought I would round up my favorite wide fit boot from the specific wide fit ranges at  ASOS , Evans, River Island and New Look I every girl needs a good pair of boots to get through the winter months so treat yourself to something that actually fits. To see more use the arrows to scroll!