#IamMe awards - Who Inspires you?

First of all, hello beautiful friends, I have been away for so long I miss talking to you all. I hope you can forgive my absence, if you didn't notice I had this little thing called a wedding to organise this year as well as a number of huge projects I was part of one of those being the Evans #IamMe campaign. Back in march I flew out to New York to model with some incredibly inspiring women from all over the world and it was one of the best experiences of my life. Well #IamMe is back and this time you could get the chance to be part of it!  Evans, on the 21st of September will be hosting an awards ceremony in partnership with Marie Claire and Garnier and yours truly will be presenting an award as your Marie Claire columnist.

 So here's how it all works...

There are four awards you can nominate yourself or someone else in; #IamStyle, #IamActive #IamBeauty and finally #IamInspiring you can nominate friends, your mum, sister, aunt maybe even a  colleague or a stranger that you feel really deserves some recognition and a treat. The lucky four winners will win the following goodies

I am Inspiring 

I thought I would kick this off by telling you who I will be nominating for the #IamInspiring award:
This person I feel is a huge inspiration to women all over, she is incredibly talented, friendly and funny. She is, I believe one of Britain's national treasures and that is Sharon Rooney. Star of the award winning My Mad Fat diaries Sharon is an incredibly talented actress that I am sure has helped to inspire many young girls to go after their dreams. She has broken all stereotypes about acting and having to look a certain way to be successful. Not to mention she is beautiful! So there you have it my nomination goes to you Sharon, for little girls everywhere that were comforted by watching My Mad Fat diary and from one friend to another I think you are wonderful.

I hope you will all follow suit and nominate someone that inspires you, someone you think deserves some recognition and a time to shine remember this doesn't have to be a celebrity or a blogger anyone you feel deserves it can be nominated. Keep sharing the love guys we all need more of it in our lives.
To enter the I am Me awards follow this link and make someones day.

Love you all.

*This post was sponsored by Evans all views are my own!