Lets get Frank.

 You might be thinking 'why have have rubbed yourself with dirt in these photos' but fear not, getting dirty is exactly what we are talking about today (not that kinda of dirty though you filthy buggers) Today's post is all about cult skincare product Frank Body a caffeinated skincare product from Australia. Created by a fella named Frank these naturally made coffee scrubs have made quite a stir and I can see why.

Made of roasted and ground Robusta Coffee Beans, the high content of caffeine helps to stimulate blood flow which helps with a number of skin issues such as psoriasis, eczema, acne and scarring. The scrub Dan and tried for the purposes of this review was the Frank Body Peppermint Scrub because I love that minty tingly feeling you get using mint based products.

The process of how to use Frank Body is rather simple: Get in shower, get dirty with the scrub, leave on for 5-10 minutes, take photos (if you are a ridiculous blogger like me) then rinse away. Once washed off  you are left with a lovely, soft oily feeling. If you don't enjoy that kind of feeling then I would recommend washing with a light shower gel.  Then Voila you have been FRANKED.
I'm not sure if this stuff is for the face but as you can see I used it there and I must say I was dead impressed with it even after just two goes! It feels rough when you are scrubbing but a good rough, the kinda rough that you know is getting all those nasties off your skin. I will keep it real with you, using this can get messy but if a little bit of mess doesn't bother you then this stuff is totally worth every penny. Following with the body balm and cream makes your skin feel SOOOOOO GOOD my skin was soft, soft, soft.  Honestly I used the scrub a few times over the weekend and even took some to NYC with me and it was such a lifesaver before my photo shoot. Go and treat yo' body to these bags of skincare magic. 

Some extra deets on Frank Body:

- Frank body is a caffeinated skincare brand from Australia. Naturally derived, he is equal parts dirty and loving.

- No parabens, PEGS, phthalates, sulphates, silicones or any of those nasties. Just lots of smooth and tough love.

- His mission is simple. To make babes feel great. Which is why he is only tested on willing, human babes.


Coffee is not only a great natural exfoliator, but it also has the same PH level as your skin, meaning it won’t dry it out.

- Caffeine stimulates blood flow – targeting those skin conditions us babes hate.

- Coffee is high in antioxidants, targeting free-radicals who are those guys causing skin imperfections. 


- Follow frank body’s motto: get naked, get dirty, get rough, get clean. 

- Cover yourself in water. frank body is best served wet.

- Thoroughly scrub your body. The aim is to scrub in circular motions so that your blood flow is stimulated.

- Get clean. Thoroughly massage the scrub off your bod, leaving your skin with a natural residue of oil. 


- All of frank body’s products are packed with natural oils

- It’s the perfect amount of oil leaving your legs smooth and glowing.


- FrankBody ships internationally and rather speedily as quick a 1-3 days to London further details here 

*I collaborated with the guys at Frank to bring you this post but as always views about getting dirty are all my own.