#ShowYourPlace - International Women's Day

As today is International Women's Day Marie Claire is encouraging women to take a photo that represents their day-to–day lives, and hashtag it with #ShowYourPlace This is to show women in their jobs or in their lives and highlighting that women can be what ever they want to be. It also helps to highlight the discrimination that so many women suffer on a day to day basis.
Today I didn't want to share myself but instead I wanted to share Women that I work with. As mentioned before here, as well as writing a blog and for Marie Claire I also work for one of the worlds leading Public Health Universities - London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Working for a school where there entire mission is to help improve health world wide is something that makes me feel immensely proud. What also makes me proud is the number of strong leading Women in Science who work here that are contributing to really incredible things around the world. Here are just two women and the work that they do that I feel is worth sharing today:

The Woman Trial

Haleema Shakur is Co Director of the Clinical Trials Unit of London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and a principal investigator of the WOMAN Trial which looks at the effect of tranexamic acid as a treatment for postpartum haemorrhage in women in underprivalged countries. Excessive bleeding after childbirth, usually known as PPH is a leading cause of maternal death world-wide. About 14 million mothers develop PPH each year and about 2% of them will die. The trial is pretty incredible as it actively helping to save lives of women by trying to make the the drug they are testing available to women in hospitals around the world. Haleema and her team work tirelessly on this trial as well as my lovely boyfriend Dan who works on the admin team. I am so proud to say that he is working with a team of people that are working so hard to save lives. You can watch the video about the trial below - Get some tissues it's really hard hitting

Cheryl Whitehorn 

Cheryl is an Entomologist, Teacher and insect-identification specialist at the school and one of the most lovely women in LSHTM. The photo below shows her pinning and studying a mosquito called Anopheles Atroparvus (Also known as the British Malaria Mosquito) She is a really great teacher that helps train 100's of students who will eventually go on to complete vital research in various fields of medicine and entomology. 

So there you have it, this is my place and the place of the incredible women I work with. Tell me below what your place is in this world I would love to hear about it and please feel free to share :)