Wear Your Heart

For a person that overshares her life there are a few things that remain private when it comes to this blog and for the most part that has been about my family. Mentioned briefly (in one other post)  there has been one person that has been a constant inspiration and motivation for my success in both my life and with this blog. That was my Grandmother, or as I like to call her my nana.

Her name was Kathy, welsh born, armenian decent, she had silky brown hair that she always put in hot rollers and drank tea like it was going out of fashion. As mums who aren't mums go she was pretty much the best num that there ever was. Saturdays as a kid were spent shopping in town and watching Brookside whilst the meat for Sunday dinner was cooking. Summers were spent on holiday, just me an her, playing bingo in crappy bars in Spain, eating all inclusive ice cream and reading take a break magazine around the pool. My nan was the first person I cried to when someone called me fat at school, she sat me on her lap and told me that they were jealous that I was the prettiest Spanish senorita she had ever seen. We said we were best friends and even when I knew it was super uncool to be best friends with your nan she still was mine. Being with her was like being in the safest place in the world and no matter what crap I went through she got me through. Until one day she didn't.

My nana had the biggest heart but it was damaged, she had heart disease. One Monday I woke up to her struggling to breathe in our living room, we called an ambulance she made it to the hospital and she was stable she'd had a heart attack. I visited every day after school that week and we watched Corrie on her bed together until I had to go home ready for school. Then that coming Sunday, early in the morning whilst I slept in her bed I got a call, she was intensive care, she had another heart attack in the early hours. They didn't know that she would make it. I ran to my neighbor Debbie across the road and she drove me to the hospital, the rest of my family were there. It was then that we were told she wouldn't make it and that they were turning off her life machine, and just like that she was gone. 

Gone from my life forever. 

My nan died of a bad heart and people all over are dying because of theirs. 
7 million people live with heart disease and research is vital in helping to fund research and today I  get to share with you a really wonderful collaboration with Radley London and the British Heart Foundation. Together they have created a gorgeous limited edition bag in support of Heart Disease. The Sweetheart range is not only perfectly pink and kitsch but all profits from the leather cross body bag go entirely to BHF. I am so proud to be involved with this, and I think my nan would be proud of me to. So if you love this bag as much as I do then you can head over to Radley and check out the sweetheart range and read about this great collaboration for yourself. If you would like to get involved and help support in other ways then head over to Radley's Twitter and share a time someone did a good deed for you using the #WearYourHeart hashtag. Oh and tell your loved ones you love them today, you never know when you won't get that chance again. 


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Jeans - Dorothy Perkins Curve
Boots - New Look old (similar here)