Staycation with Amba Hotel

Just before Christmas Dan and I decided to go on a little staycation when we were kindly invited to stay at the  Amba Hotel in Marble Arch a perfectly located Four Star hotel right in the mix of one of the most famous shopping areas in London. You're probably thinking...'Umm don't you already live in London?'. Well you are right, we do. But every now and then Dan and I like to get out of the house, be it for date night or for a long weekend in a hotel. We like to get some time away from the monotony of our flat and enjoy each others company without the distraction of boring chores or two very cute, time consuming kittens, 

We were so glad for a night in a hotel, I can't even tell you! After months of just work,work,work  we were in desperate need of some down time. We would have been happy with anything I tell you, so when we arrived to see we were left with teeny tiny home made mince pies a gorgeous bottle of red and a fully stoked mini fridge in our executive room we were beside ourselves. We arrived from straight from work and the first thing I did was run myself a hot bath to soak my long day away. Dan decided to take advantage of the super comfy bed and watch some TV whilst I enjoyed my glass of wine and hot bubble bath. GUYS it was heaven. We both then got in our cosy robes and slippers and ordered Delivereroo from Bodeans in Soho to the hotel where we switched off our phones and enjoyed a good chat and a lovely meal together. Sometimes when you see your partner every day amongst a daily routine of commuting, work and chores you forget to really take time out to have a rest with each other, this was truly a treat for Dan and I. The rest of the evening was spent on our gloriously comfy king size bed watching Love Actually and finishing off our bottle of wine. 
The next morning we both woke up perfectly rested, packed up our things and headed down to tuck into the incredible breakfast spread. We went IN. Fluffy made to order omelette, golden croissants, bacon, sausages and all the fruit a gal could desire. Not to shabby for Callie. Just that one evening made me feel all lovey, dovey, happy and well honestly, rested. So I 100% recommend a staycation or a weekend away be that with your partner, your friend, hell even by yourself. Sometimes you just need it. 

Thank you to Amba Hotel Marble Arch for the complimentary stay it was truly wonderful. If you are looking for a great, excellent quality centrally located hotel do check out this hotel. It was bloody lovely!

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