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 Now that street food is very  'in ' it seems that most people's go-to is to find a good food market and get a mixture of different tastes and flavours. Don't get me wrong, in the summer I love nothing more than street food markets, but come the colder months I'm much more into a table inside where I can enjoy my meal without the worry of bad weather. Plus there are so many great restaurants to go to in London that really, we are spoiled for choice. Today's post is all about about Granger and Co a wonderful, bright and cheerful restaurant which is known for its laid back atmosphere and fresh and locally sourced good quality food. 

Bills Hot Chocolate

Granger and Co has three branches across London, which I could have attended but as I  love a saunter around Portobello Road Dan and I decided to head to the Notting Hill branch.
Renowned to be extremely busy on weekends (with queues outside the door) we decided to visit on a Friday afternoon, and you know what, even then it was still busy which is always a good sign in my books. Cold and wet from the drizzlly rain we arrived and got a table pretty swiftly and ordered a deliciously decadent dark hot chocolate to share whilst we studied the menu. After much deliberation of course Dan opted for a burger because he orders that every where we bloody go. 

Fried chicken sandwich, red eye mayo, cabbage tamari slaw and pickled cucumber

Salmon salad, coconut caramel dressing

When choosing my dish I was immediately drawn to the Salmon Salad because hello 'coconut caramel dressing, which might I add was that tasty I could have swam in it. The salmon was literally the most perfect piece of salmon I have ever had in a salad. So flavorful and perfectly complimented by the fresh ingredients of grapefruit, cucumber, green beans and shredded coconut. My only complaint was that the salad contained coriander (which I hate) and this wasn't stated on the menu. I just picked it out but if you don't like it either then let them know in advance which will save you the hassle. We also ordered a side of garlic and chilli green beans which were excellently cooked with still a good amount of crunch and fries, because what's life without balance aye?

Ricotta hotcakes, banana & honeycomb butter

So pancakes, made from Ricotta topped with banana and finished with Honey Butter, could that be any more perfect? These hotcakes are pretty famous and I can absolutely see why, they really are spectacular. The fluffiness of the cake was just unreal, especially when soaking up all that sweet syrup and molten honeycomb butter. We shared this as a dessert but this is actually a main menu item and a very popular breakfast or brunch option. It really is a must try and a perfect place to head for Brunch or Lunch with friends.

If you are in London and want to try this place then check out the Granger and Co Menu here. 

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