Suede on Suede

Happy New Year you wonderful people, I've missed you,  hope your Christmas was restful,  and fun. Can you believe we are in 2016 now? Its utter madness how quickly this year has gone, I know that's super cliche but honestly 2015 bloody flew by. Over Christmas I took some time out to rest, have some time with Dan and the kittens and step away from social media and blogging a bit. Honestly I intended on writing a yearly round up post or a goals for 2016 post but I just never got round to it, (blame it on Netfliux which I binge watched every day) I guess the break worked a little too well on me and for someone reason I am feeling a little bit uninspired with fashion right now, so much so that I am sharing an outfit that I took back in November (forgive me!) Right now I am planning and scheming thinking of new and more interesting content for you, this will include more wedding posts, more foodie posts and hopefully a spot more travel. But for now bare with me I promise its gunna get good.


Suede Skirt: ASOS Curve
Fringe Suede Jacket: ASOS Curve
Boots - Primark 

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