Tommi's Burger Joint - The best burger in London

I am going to set the tone for this blog post straight up and say that I have found the ultimate, best burger joint in London. No exaggerations just simple honest truth and this is coming from someone who doesn't really even like burgers that much. A month or so ago, on Date night Dan and I headed to Tommi's Burger Joint on the Kings Road to try their new Chicken Burger. What started as a weekly special was added to the main menu and boy I can see why. It. Was. Epic. So what makes this place the best burger joint in London you ask, well, first up is the atmosphere of the space. The decor was dead cool, not fancy or hipsterish, there were Breaking Bad posters, neon lights, chalk walls and a simple serve counter which made the place feel super cool and laid back.

<img src="tommis burger joint kings road.jpg" alt="breaking bad" />

<img src="tommis burger joint kings road.jpg" alt="restaurant decor" />

The second thing I loved about the place was the self serve condiments section, but not just any condiments, I am talking the condiment selection of dreams, plus home made ones such as Bearnaise, bacon mayo, and cocktail ( at an extra cost but worth every penny) As I was there to try the Chicken burger that is what I had. Succulent chicken, on crispy lettuce, fresh avocado and garlic mayo with a soft shiny toasted bun, To say I went in on the sauces would be an understatement, caramalised onions, and BBQ sauce is magic and you should try it - trust me.

<img src="tommis burger joint kings road.jpg" alt="sweet potato fries and bbq sauce" />

The next thing I loved about Tommi's was the fact that laying around the restaurant you can find a number of old school board games to play with whilst you wait or even when you eat. Try eating a burger whilst playing Cards Against Humanity I dare you. 

<img src="tommis burger joint kings road.jpg" alt="pale ale and board games" />

<img src="tommis burger joint kings road coconut milkshake" alt="coconut milkshake" />

Drinks here were banging especially the milk shake selection, Dan had salted caramel and I had coconut - think bounty blended with the best thick and creamy ice cream ever, this is what this milkshake was like. Phenomenal. Just a warning, this is very filling so maybe get one to share if you are going for a full on meal here. 

<img src="tommis burger joint chicken burger.jpg" alt="chicken burger" />

<img src="tommis burger joint kings road steak burger.jpg" alt="steak burger" />

<img src=" From the corners of the curve blog steak burger.jpg" alt="steak burger" />

My burger was so messy from all the extra toppings I added that I didn't manage to get a shot before shoveling in my gob. I just need you to trust me on this it was GOOOOOOOOOD. BUT I also need to talk to you about Dan's steak burger, my god this was the best bite of a burger I have ever had. No exaggerations it was like a juicy steak sandwich more than a burger, you could taste the richness of the steak pattie, and it had this lovely char-grilled flavour which really made it for me. The burger is served medium which is something I'm not a huge fan of usually but this was perfecto, With a side of sweet potato and normal fries we were just loving life 

<img src="from the corners of the curve blog pacman game.jpg" alt="pacman game" />

<img src="from the corners of the curve blog pacman game.jpg" alt="pacman game" />

To finish off the evening and get our bums off our seats to let the mountains of food we ate settle, Dan and I chucked a couple of quid in the old school games machine and played a game of Pacman, Such a good date night and for me this place gets a 10 our of 10. The staff were SO nice, even when I  accidentally spilt a pot of relish all down the stairs on the way to our seats. The burgers were *100 emoji* and the games an added fun touch, oh and I nearly forgot the playlist in the restaurant was knocking out some absolute tunes. 10/10 from me.

Lucky for you Tommi's Burger Joint has two restaurants in London one on the Kings Road and one on Thayer Street and I have just noticed they have introduced a seasonal Christmas Burger so I will be heading back there to try that and I hope you do to.

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