Personalising Christmas


It is December which means the official count down to Christmas is on. Last year Dan and I were away in Thailand on Christmas day and whilst it was amazing travelling we did miss the home comforts of Christmas that make it extra special. Opening presents, putting decorations on the tree and of course the best roast dinner of the year. I know that Christmas isn't about gifts and it shouldn't be about that but sometimes it is lovely to give your loved ones something thoughtful. I was kindly gifted a gorgeous personalised Radley Bag by the team at Radley on there Crimbo party where we drank spiced cider and watched love actually (best Christmas party ever fyi)

Radley currently offer personalisation online and in selected stores which I think is a lovely touch to any gift. As you can see I love personalisation especially when it comes to Christmas decorations, my plastic bauble from Twenty-seven at Selfridges is so pretty and is such a lovely gift for someone you love. You can pick one of these up at Selfridges for as cheap as £11, bargain huh?
If you are looking for some more ideas for gifts that are a little more personal for your nearest and dearest I have made a list below from prints, to alcohol, jewelry and home ware. Believe me these extra touches mean more to people than you would know. Happy Christmas shopping guys!