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Main pic

Thursday, 24 December 2015

Christmas with Curvissa

Christmas is my favourite time of the year the excitement and anticipation of getting together with your loved ones, putting on your fresh Christmas jamas or a new fancy outfit for an evening of drinks and enjoying the best meal of the year with people that matter the most. This outfit I am wearing from Curvissa is a perfect look for a day with your family or a glam night out with friends. The look is inspired by the Victoriana trend the high neck top paired with metallic pleated skirt is a perfect on and can be worn in so many ways.  Plus the skirt is elasticated which, lets be real is essential for the Christmas period especially after Christmas dinner! Say no to jeans, trust me you will regret it.

Merry Christmas everyone! 

What I am wearing

Metallic Skirt - Curvissa 
Shoes - Primark 

*thank you to Curvissa who kindly sponsored this post, as always my opinion is honest and true.

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