Are Pixi products worth the hype?

Skin Care and Beauty isn't something that features much on this blog and that is simply because I am so new to it. Some gals are born beauty lovers and some slowly but surely begin to enjoy the benefits of a good skin care routine. Pixi is a brand that these days is a hot topic, more specifically its Glow Tonic. Labelled as Cult Beauty Product by many beauty industry specialists for its numerous benefits as a toner (which removes heavy makeup build up) it is also said to help promote glowing skin by its key ingredient of glycolic acid which helps to deep cleanse dead skin cells. I was kindly sent some of these products to try and I thought I would give you a breakdown of my thoughts on each of the products and how good they really are. 

1. Pixi Glow Tonic

As mentioned above this has been dubbed a cult beauty buy and so many have hyped it up as a must buy product. So does it live up to the hype? YES, yes, yes, yes. I have seen a significant improvement with my skin since introducing this as part of my routine. Seriously I was disgusted by the fact that even after a face wash with a facial cleanser I was still able to see dirt of my face pad after using Glow Tonic.  which goes to show how good this product is in removing grime and dirt.

Does it really make your skin glow? You know what I think it does, its not a glow in a traditional sense of the word but it certainly has helped make my skin look a little brighter and less dull. Priced at around £18 it may seem steep but I will most certainly be re-investing it has lasted me a good while and is really worth the pennies. 

2. Pixi Nourishing Balm 

In the summer I fell in love with Ren Products and more specifically their hot cloth cleanser and I was pretty sure that I would not find anything that would beat it. However this balm may have just swayed me. First off, it smells lovely with a gentle scent of almond but it also plays a completely different role than my cream cleanser, oil being the main factor in this difference. The product starts off as a balm but when applied to the face turns into oil, not only is it soft on the skin but the oil helps break down all that nasty grime that gets built up over time wearing makeup every day. This gets top marks from me!

3. Pixi by Petra Quick Fix Bronzer. 

Bronzer is a must have product in my eyes, I just don't feel done without it, it makes me feel more like me ya know? In all honesty I tend to not steer away from my usual day to day makeup products but this one is pretty handy and has made a nice addition. It has a little sponge which enable excess product to be removed before application and the colour is golden and not orange which is always something I look for in a good bronzer. Has it made me make a switch from my cheapo Bourjois, hmmm I'm not sure but it still gets a thumbs up.

4. Glow Peel Pads

Back on to the skincare and this is another one that smashes it out of the ball park. I LOVE this product. Not only are these a new part of my routine but something that I now cannot see my life without. Basically you need to read Caroline Hiron's blog (more specifically this post to see all of the benefits of acid toners and exfoliaters and why they are a great addition to your skin care routine. The pads contain 20% Glycolic acid (Caroline refers to them glow tonic on speed) because they contain 15% more than what the Glow Tonic does. When applied to the face you do tend to tingle a little, according to the packaging this is normal and it doesn't hurt at all. You leave the product on for a few minutes and then rinse away to activate the product and voila perfectly exfoliated skin. Dead impressed with these.

5. Mattelustre Lipstick

Well you all know my feelings on lippy! I can't get enough and this is another fabulous addition to my ever growing collection. I tried both Coral Red and Classic Red and they are stunning but its not just the look of this lipstick that sells this to me, it's the feel. This feels sooooo smooth on my lips and although it is matte is feels moisturising and lasts a good while! I Will be getting these in more colours most definitely. 

6. Pixi by Petra Mesmerizing Mineral Palette

Eye shadows are not usually my thing. I don't own blending brushes, I don't own palettes I just don't bother with it all, that was until I tried this palette. Bloody hell this is good, the shadows are so pigmented and really good quality and they look so gorgeous on my skin that I basically fell in love with them. In fact I recently dropped this palette on the floor which cracked one of the colours and nearly cried, Pixi may have just converted me into an eye shadow person. 

7. Pixi by Petra Silky Eye Pen. 

Blue is the new black, kinda. Well it has been for me, lately I've been trying a new look and this blue eyeliner is it. When paired with the coral lipstick above this really helps my brown eyes pop and it is slightly less boring than my go to black liquid eyeliner. The application is smooth, it is long lasting and pigmented all round tick in my books. 

So there you have it, a run down of all my favorite Pixi products, I have linked each product in the title and have added the products below if you fancy a gander. Have you tried Pixi Products? If so what are your thoughts?

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