How to achieve natural curls with ghd

My hair is the one part of myself that I really do love, and although I don't brush it all that often and get food in it pretty much every day it is my pride and joy. It has been years since I cut my hair shorter than my shoulders and currently it sits at the bottom of my back. This although has its pros can be difficult to style especially with it being so thick. This is where ghd v Gold Max comes in. As an already avid user of ghd's (the small styler) these new larger plated straightners are a game changer. The size of the plate is much wider than the standard ghd which means that I can take a larger amount of hair when styling, this obviously saves me a lot of time when I am rushing to get my hair done. The gold plates are super smooth which is really helpful for long and course hair and they are much, much lighter which you just wouldn't think considering the width of the styler! I thought I would show you how to create some luscious waves in less than no time with a quick how to tutorial.


Firstly you will want to make sure you keep your hair nice and protected from any heat damage by spraying on a heat protector of some kind. I chose to use the ghd spray which smells bloody amazing. You then want to take a piece of hair, separate into sections (you can do this with a comb if you choose but I'm not that fancy) and angle your ghd vertically down and rotate so that the hair becomes wrapped around the styler

Next step is to slowly drag the styler down the hair, with it clamped tightly (but not so tight that it hurts duhh) all the way to the end of the hair as though you are straightening it.

Once released you will get a lovely but natural looking curl you can either run your fingers through for an even more natural look or keep it as it is. Of course a spritz of hairspray will help keep the curl intact! See below a little video of me in action! 


* This post was sponsored by ghd