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Monday, 22 June 2015

How to style Black Skinny Jeans.

<img src="ripped skinny jeans" alt="plus size ripped skinny jeans" />

There are lots of bloggers out there that would never dream of posting an outfit twice on their blog, or even those that don't like to wear an outfit more than once. Well I'm not one of them. Buying clothes is expensive and for a lot of people having a new outfit every day isn't feasible, it certainly isn't for me. Recycling outfits is fun, I firmly believe you don't have to buy a whole new outfit for an outfit to look different so today I am showing you how I have styled one pair of black skinny jeans in 4 different ways. The Jeans I am wearing in all the pictures featured are Evans Clothing's super stretch skinny jeans. I added my own rips to the jeans and they are the comfiest pair of jeans that I own. My advise with these particular jeans is to size up as they come up small. ASOS also have some great pairs of ripped and non ripped skinnies and they are my second favorite go to jeans, particularly the Ripley Jeans.
 Are you a fan of Skinny jeans? If so which is your favorite look?


This is my go to look for when I'm not feeling up to snazzing myself up. All you need is a black tee and some chunky boots, add your favorite biker jacket and if you fancy a statement necklace to finish the look.


  <img src="ripped skinny jeans" alt="plus size ripped skinny jeans" />

Duster jackets are such a perfect item to have in your wardrobe, they can completely change up and outfit and they are really great for a casual look especially when paired with jeans. Here I wore this Missguided khaki duster with a printed tee and paired with leopard print plimsolls for a contrasted look.

 <img src="ripped skinny jeans" alt="plus size ripped skinny jeans" />

Skinny jeans are so versatile that you can wear them dressed up or down. This outfit was so comfy and easy to wear whilst also being stylish. I wore this outfit to a dinner with a brand and I felt smart but not too overdone or dressy.


<img src="ripped skinny jeans" alt="plus size ripped skinny jeans" />

I love wearing trainers with jeans because, well, they are just so comfy and pairing with a more tailored coat can make the look very stylish. This Ralph Lauren coat I found in a charity shop for £35 total steal and it works really well with this loo. 


  1. I am definitely not one of those bloggers, I'm constantly wearing my favourite clothes over and over, in fact the weather has been so rubbish up North this Summer most of my blog posts feature my Joules yellow rain mac! I love black skinnies so much, they look great with everything. I'm in desperate need of new ones, I've had to get rid of my old River Island Mollie faithfuls because they were so faded :(

    Chloe x

  2. I repeat outfits all the time. If an outfit works for you and you love it then you know you can just throw it on and go. Like a "go-to" outfit. Sometimes I will refresh outfits with a new cardigan/jacket or even as simple as adding a new necklace. But I do not believe in wearing something just the once.




  3. I am so desperate for the khaki duster jacket! I can't find any online 😭I will stalk missguided until they come back in stock (fingers crossed) x

    Clair x

  4. Lovely outfits. I especially love the first outfit - the jeans look great with the jacket.

  5. I love all the outfits, specially the one with the shirt. I don't see a problem in bloggers posting the same pieces on their blogs. I look for inspiration and ways of wearing the clothes I have, I don't wear something different every single day so it's nice to see different ways of wearing the same piece since that's what I do every day anyways.

    Uniquely Filipa

  6. Love these outfits Callie!