Lady Voluptuous

<img src=”Plus size trench lady Voluptuous dress.jpg” alt=”Lady Voluptous Lyra Dress” />jpg

Well firstly HELLO! It has been so long since I shared an outfit post here on the blog, or even popped on here to have a chat. As you may have noticed I got kind of caught up on sharing my lifetime trip away and my engagementthat fashion and style stuff sort of went on hold. This weekend I finally dedicated some time to snap my current favorite dress from my lovely pal George of Fuller Figure Fuller Bust who very cleverly designed her own range of clothes in partnership with Lady V of London. I have rather snazzy talented friends don't you think?  Now, I make it no secret that vintage style clothing isn't normally my bag, whilst I think it looks incredible on most women I just don't feel it is all together very me if you know what I mean. That said the Lyra dress from the Lady Voluptuous collection enabled me to bring my own sense of style to it. Lets be honest you cannot go wrong with a good form fitted dress, I opted for black because, duhh black is my colour forever. Paired with this very snazzy green Mac I found in Primark and my good old fashioned Chelsea boots from New Look I was able to make Lyra a Callie kinda outfit. Go check out the rest of the range at Lady V London and let me know what you think. Good work George you made your old pal proud.
<img src=”” alt=”Lady Voluptous Lyra Dress” />jpg <img src=”” alt=”Lady Voluptous Lyra Dress” />jpg <img src=”” alt=”Lady Voluptous Lyra Dress” />jpg