My fake Christmas.

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Christmas is my favorite time of the year, you get too see all your loved ones, go to all the parties and eat all the food, what more could you want!? Dan and I have so many Christmas traditions, ones that have transpired from our own family traditions and ones we made up. For example every year Dan buys me PJ's to open on Christmas Eve just like I had when I was growing up, it always goes in my stocking and it always puts the biggest smile on my face. Our second tradition is Snowballs! Every Christmas morning without fail for the last 6 years Dan and I have started our day off with a frothy glass of sugary snowball nothing like a glass of alcohol before 9am to really set the day off. Lastly our tradition is to buy cheesy Christmas jumpers which we always wear when we get up in the morning to post our Christmas morning selfie, we are cheesy like that you see. Everyone loves a good novelty jumper, so this year I was sad knowing that I wouldn't get to wear one being that Christmas this year is being spent on a tropical island in Thailand ( I know such a hard life right) because we are missing out on all our traditions we decided to have the best of both worlds with our very own fake Christmas, We invited our friends over, drank lots of booze and ate far too much food than we should have! The jumpers were kindly sent to us from George at ASDA and they really helped make our our fake Christmas a little more real. Don't forget that you can help donate to children's charity Save the Children by wearing a Christmas jumper to work on the 12th of December for Christmas Jumper Day  I have done so for the last two years and it made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside knowing that I have done something meaningful for someone else. So if you get the chance, get yourself a cheesy crimbo jumper, donate some money to a wonderful charity and have a really special Christmas I will be sure to update you of my travels in Thailand, where my morning snowball will be a morning cocktail! 

Merry Christmas and love to you all Callie x

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What Jumpers we are wearing:

Jingle Bell Christmas Tree 
Christmas Bauble Jumper
Digital Duds Penguin 
Penguin Jumper (similar here) 

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