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Monday, 27 October 2014

Stories... by Kelly Osbourne.

<img src="Stories by Kelly O Chapter one Graphic tee" />

So often I see celebrity collaborations that I absolutely adore, that tick everyone of my style dream boxes except, they usually never fit me. It sucks, because sometimes my size feels like a limitation and that I am excluded from enjoying beautiful, well put together fashion. When Kelly Osbourne launched her Kelly Osbourne range I was excited to hear that she was making her clothes in a full range of sizes from 0- 24 (US) It was so refreshing to hear that she felt passionately that women of all sizes deserved to enjoy fashion.

The line itself is just perfect, so many plus size girls cry out for the options to have the same clothing as their slimmer friends, well this, is just that. I love that the line includes basic wardrobe essentials like the Moto Jacket (which I think is an item that goes perfectly with everything), gorgeous jumpsuits, dresses, right through to simple graphic tees which are cool, easy to wear and most importantly comfy. So you can imagine my excitement when I received an email from Kelly's representation saying that Kelly would love for me to try some of her line. Girls, I nearly lost it! Kelly Osbourne is a mega babe and her line is just everything so it was an obvious yes. I thought I would show you in two posts what I chose and how I wore it. First up is the Chapter One Graphic Tee. I love the simplicity that this tee provides, I decided to pair mine with a polka dot skirt, over sized pastel coat and chunky black boots. Dan and I went for a wander in Notting Hill and it seemed like the perfect place to snap some pictures, after all Kelly is a London born girl so what better place to show off her gorgeous line than in one of London's prettiest places. 

 photo 04-DSC_0520_zpsdbe6b114.jpg <img src="Stories by Kelly O Chapter one Graphic tee" /> <img src="Stories by Kelly O Chapter one Graphic tee" /> <img src="Stories by Kelly O Chapter one Graphic tee" /> <img src="Stories by Kelly O Chapter one Graphic tee" />

What I am wearing

Skirt - ASDA (old)
Boots - Primark 
Bag - Simply Be
Coat - Primark.


  1. I love this skirt far to much !
    I am now off to search ebay to see if i can get one !
    Launa x
    Sprinkles & Ink

  2. Ooh I like her, good to see such a variety of sizes. That's totally how I'd style that t-shirt, I love wearing them with pencil skirts.

  3. Love how you styled the tee. I was so excited to her Kelly was doing a range and can't wait to try it out. Xx

  4. Yay congrats! I've been watching this closely as I love her style. Damn, I really wish I'd bought that skirt even though it'd have been ti-iiiiiiiight on me. xx

  5. Charli Stewart-Russon28 October 2014 at 13:22

    You look absolutely amazing! I've loved Kelly Osbourne for years - her style is so quirky, unique, and completely true to herself. I'll definitely be checking out her range!

  6. Love this look! The monochrome is amazing! Looking great.