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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Stories... by Kelly Osbourne Polka Dot Jumpsuit.

<img src=Kelly O Stories plus size Jumpsuit />

As promised here is the second feature of the two items I tried from the Kelly Osbourne fashion line.
You all know I love a jumpsuit, they have been featured on here many of a time but this Polka Dot Jumpsuit really stood out to me. I loved the style of the sleeves and the elasticated waist and knew it would work well with my body shape. The style of the plunging neck line really added some sass to the jumpsuit whilst also having a popper for those less comfortable showing their chest. In terms of sizing the range comes up large, my usual size is a UK 22 which is the equivalent to a 2XL and when that size arrived it was actually way to big for me, The 1X (UK 18/20)  however fitted perfectly so I would say that those bigger than a 3XL could be able to fit into this. Aesthetically this ticks all the boxes for me and basically I am obsessed with it, it feels very me and I felt really good wearing it! My only issue (it really is tiny and preferential) is that I wish the leg was in a more peg style, personally I prefer to have an ankle length but that can easily be achieved with rolling the fabric which as you can see I did. I have taken photos both with the legs rolled and unrolled for reference. So tell me what you think... do you like the Stories range? Does it tick your style boxes?

<img src=Kelly O Stories plus size Jumpsuit /> <img src=Kelly O Stories plus size Jumpsuit />


  1. You look chuffin' fantastic Callie. I love this look. The jumpsuit is awesome and I think it looks better rolled up. xx

  2. Charli Stewart-Russon31 October 2014 at 10:50

    This is so cute! Would love this to come in playsuit to wear with burgundy tights and clumpy boots ...

    C x

  3. That jumpsuit looks UNBELIEVABLE on you! I hardly ever find jumpsuits a good look on people (I think they're an odd fashion trend that I just can't really get on board with...) but this looks so good! Who knew? :)

  4. Is so cute! I love the jumpsuit and the sunglasses!


  5. Oh that looks amazing on you. So unusual to find a jumpsuit with sleeves, they tend to be sleeveless or at least little cap sleeves. I like trouser lengths to be a bit shorter and show ankle personally.

  6. She is so cute in her dress but so fat but nice in black leather jacket. but looks amazing dress.i liked so much trouser lengths and his personality.

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