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Tuesday, 12 August 2014

How To Be Confident - with Danie & Callie | Simply Be

After much anticipation we are finally able to share our Youtube video collaboration with Simply Be. First up is our tips about confidence. So many girls ask us 'How are you so confident' and the truth is there is no magic fix, it is something that comes from within. However we believe that there are tools out there to help you find the confidence inside of yourself. Please watch, leave comments and share we would love to hear your views. 
All our love
Callie and Danie 


  1. After watching your youtube video with Dani i had to come and check out your blog. Firstly you are stunning and secondly your advice was fantastic. Thank you xxx

  2. I love you guys! You seem to have so much fun together! I was laughing (in a good way) the whole time. Great tips, cute video!

  3. Hey Callie! Thanks to you and Danie for some great tips! Gabi Gregg was also the first plus size blogger that I discovered and from there on I found many awesome blogs like yours that helped me to see that I didn't need to feel ashamed about being a size 16 and that I also had the right to feel beautiful and comfortable in my own skin. I recently started writing my own blog to help me with this process and I'm loving it! If you could check it out it would mean a lot :) xo

  4. I RARELY comment on anything, but had to pop in and let you ladies know how inspiring you are. Thank you for everyhting.

  5. Hi Callie! I just started reading your blog maybe a month ago and I really like your outfits and your whole look. When I was getting dressed one morning I was feeling a bit shy about my legs and I thought to myself "What would Callie do?". I did put on leggings anyway but that's not the point :D

    The only downside is that I often become envious of your clothes, since I live in Finland and we don't have that many nice plus size shops here.

    Thanks for your inspiration!
    Love, Noora

  6. Great video :) very inspirational for body confidence and self acceptance xx

    Brenda |

  7. Asia Lewandowska18 August 2014 at 06:26

    I've found your blog few weeks ago and I can't stop reading. Jesus, your such a beautiful girl with great taste, so confident and gorgeus! Thanks for inspirations! I'm writing my own size+ blog - if U want U can look at it - (english version soon)