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Main pic

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Culottes and Curves

 photo 06-DSC_0224_zpscd1fd1da.jpg

Culottes have become a popular fashion trend this summer and I decided to venture in and try them out. What I like most about Culottes is that they are in between a short and a skirt which makes them a hell of a lot more comfy during the summer time when chafing can be at it's worse especially if you can get hold of a jersey or cotton pair. The ones I am wearing below are New Look, I went for a size 22 but to be honest in hindsight a 24 would have been a much better fit and a little less clingy around the tummy area. I paired the shorts with a vest top and a leather jacket (jacket was a mistake - far too hot!) and my gorgeous bag from Camden Town, be sure to check these guys out they are a online store where indie designers and sell some really cool clothes jewelry and bags.
So am I Culottes covert? The answer is yes, if you are after comfort and style these are perfect and get a 10/10 from me. 

 photo 02-DSC_0195_zpsaef0d7c2.jpg  photo 12-DSC_0193_zps5077e5cc.jpg  photo 10-DSC_0205_zps14452b23.jpg  photo 09-DSC_0258_zps76486dc6.jpg  photo 13-DSC_0184_zpsacff9525.jpg

What I am wearing:

Printed Culottes - c/o New Look Inspire
Black Vest top - Primark
Leather Jacket - Simply Be 
Bag - Camden Town 


  1. How amazing is that bag! & I love the skirt! Bloody beautiful xx

  2. Callie you are suuuuuuch a babe girl!!!!!!! Looking amaaaaaaaaze!!!!!! <3<3<3<3<3

  3. They look amazing on you! You know if you take of one "T" from Culottes is Culotes in spanish and that means like Big ASSES! haha. :D

    -Valeria Mary J. ♥

  4. Looking gorgeous! I'm always scared to attempt culottes because whenever i wore them as a youngster (i had this matching suit in like 1995) they'd ride up in between my legs!! I've checked out the Camden town site too, love the stag satchel!! xxx

  5. Totally rockin' that outfit ! You look gorgeous, as always x
    (Is it wrong to laugh just picturing how english speakers would pronounce Culottes ? haha)

  6. Ooooohh. I didn't know that's how the were called. I been wearing them all summer, they're so comfy! x

  7. The Fashion Sailor10 August 2014 at 14:12

    Love this look, you look stunning!