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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Love yourself.

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One of my current favourite plus size brands is Boohoo Plus, I like simplicity and they provide that with a lot of easy wear jersey items. When I went to the Boohoo launch way back in March I was kindly sent an item of my choice and I went for this long sleeved  black playsuit. I know its pretty plain but I like that, sometimes I don't want to wear anything fussy especially if I am knocking about the house at the weekend. I paired this with my high tops (which seems to be my shoe of choice these days) and I tried a new hair style out. I wanted to have a go of wearing the vintage scarf that I picked up in flea shop in Turkey last year. I don't know if I am wearing it correctly but hey ho I gave it a go. The tiny necklace I am wearing is actually really special to me, its another Anna Lou of London piece and it is engraved with the words 'Love Yourself' I chose these words because I really believe in the power of self love, especially when at some point in life we question our self worth. Even when I was editing these pictures I kept honing in on my legs looking chunky and and the fact that you could see the slight outline of my tummy, it was only when I looked at the little heart on my chest that I decided to give myself a good talking to. My tummy is fine, my legs are fine. At least I have legs some people aren't so lucky, so what if I have a few blemishes, who really cares nothing and nobody is perfect in life and that is just fine. 

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  1. You really are an inspiration. You give people (and me) something to believe in and that statement you make saying if you're good with who you are, then screw others and what they think. And I like the fact that I can "turn to you" when I feel a bit down because your confidence is contagious !
    Anyway, you're gorgeous, as always !

  2. You have such gorgeous hair! And the playsuit looks super soft and lovely. AND YOU. YOU look absolutely radiant! :)

  3. I love your hair, too. It's so important to love yourself even if it's hard! MUCH LOVE, XX

  4. Great post and you look positively beautiful!!!

  5. Really love this outfit on you and that headscarf is so cool :) I think it's amazing that you are so confident :) I'm really good at noticing positive things in other bloggers and never find myself criticising or noticing 'imperfections' in them but I am terrible at embracing the things I don't like about myself. I'm getting better though. When I started blogging four years ago I wouldn't let anyone take a full length pic of me, let alone post a full length picture of myself on my blog and now, four years down the line I post outfit pictures all the time and I've stopped actively looking for things I dislike about myself. I guess it's just taking it one step at a time. Maybe in a couple of years time I'll be braving bare legs in the summer!

    Great post as always and thanks for the positivity :-) Haaappy Summer!


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  6. A bit casual..but still very nice!!!! I know a guy who has as qualified clothing as this!!! check this out!!!
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  7. Love this outfit and your look. Really need to work on my confidence. I'll get there one day.