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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Curvy Kate Blog Party

Everyone knows how much I love Curvy Kate, I have made it no secret over the years that it is my go to place for amazing bras that actually fit. Not only do I love the lingerie I love the general ethos of the brand. If you didn't know, Curvy Kate have a competition every year called 'Star in a Bra' where girls from all over can apply to model for the brand. I love that CK uses non models for their campaigns as they show that women of all sizes and shapes can look incredible in good lingerie. Curvy Kate was actually the first ever blog events I went to and this one was my third and perhaps my favorite! Not only did I get to see some of the new A/W collection on some absolute mega babes in their pants but, we ended the night with an impromptu dance off to Beyonce Drunk in Love (I'll leave that to your imagination). I love those Curvy Kate girls so much and I'm sure you will too after seeing these photos. Here are some of my favorite shots from the night, leave me a comment and tell me which one caught your eye.

 photo 02-DSC_0490_zpsb6c77726.jpg  photo 04-DSC_0494_zps91295a07.jpg

 photo 05-DSC_0496_zpsf14bc47d.jpg  photo 17-DSC_0502_zps57076df0.jpg  photo 06-DSC_0507_zps11c09749.jpg  photo 07-DSC_0508_zps9289bee1.jpg  photo 09-DSC_0519_zpsd1d3db9f.jpg  photo 11-DSC_0523_zps14ab673d.jpg  photo 12-DSC_0527_zps1c2ef7fd.jpg  photo 14-DSC_0531_zps6374d360.jpg



  1. Was a fun night. I particularly love the bright colours.

  2. payless4brands22 July 2014 at 11:20

    Those are some cool pictures! I love seeing real women, with curves, looking great and being happy!!

  3. Samantha Marriott22 July 2014 at 12:22

    Love that their designs are actually pretty, it's so hard to find a bra in my size that isn't either boring as hell or old lady looking! Definitely gonna check the brand out!

    Sam xo sjmcdf

  4. As usual, all these women with all these differents body shapes are amazingly sexy and beautiful !
    I haven't had the opportunity to try on some Curvy Kate Bra but its definitly on my to do list !

  5. I made the decision recently that, at 21, I should really have some lovely lingerie sets rather than just nice but mismatching underwear. Gonna check out Curvy Kate and we shall see what materialises!

    Great pictures :) lovely to see some diversity, especially a smaller (slimmer) curvy woman. Everyone looks great.

    Haaappy Summer!


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