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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Another Day another Duster.

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The duster jacket trend has been pretty big this season, these long length style blazers in various styles and prints make a great addition to your wardrobe. They are really great for making a other wise boring outfit a little more edgy. Currently I have two in my possession both from Simply Be and they are really light and bright. They are great to wear them with skirts, jeans and leggings with each offering a different look. When asked to choose something from the new brand Elvi this gorgeous pink long length jacket caught my eye. Who would have thought be that into pink, its always been a colour I steered away from to avoid looking 'too girly' however this light pastel colour actually really compliments a lot of other colours. Pairing with my Celfie white tee and my New Balance 996 Trainers took the jacket from feeling quite dressy, to easy and casual. Just a few notes about the jacket... First of all it is not a light or cool jacket, in fact it has thick material on the outside with lining inside so this would be more suitable for coming up to Autumn. I learnt the hard way sweating wearing this out on a sunny day. Secondly, do note that the sizing is a little small I stayed true to my true size and kinda wish I went up one to give myself some extra room in the arms. Other that than that this has a big thumbs up for me, its stylish, simple and something that I have been wanting for such a long time and lets be honest I do live in the UK so the chances of this sunshine lasting are pretty slim, maybe I wont have to wait for Autumn after all.
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  1. I'm loving these coats to be honest, they were so big last year with bloggers and I'm like well hell, when will us big girls get some fun options. I like the classic cuts with them so I'll be piling up for the fall this year. I like this sporty look on you too! New Balances are such a big thing in the Urban Part of DC. Like we've been rocking them since I was in the 5th grade at least. Mine lasted for years.

  2. payless4brands30 July 2014 at 10:07

    Love the idea of the sneakers paired with such a sweet look - you make those sneakers look sexy!!