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Main pic

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Simply Be Duster Jacket.

 photo 3-IMG_3525_zps71bd1b2e.jpg

I know that I normally have a whole bunch of things to say about the outfits I post on here, but really there isn't much more to say except that this jacket is AMAZING. I pretty much haven't stopped wearing this since I first got it, it just goes with everything and I feel dressed up even when I am not. If you are looking for something light. comfy and stylish trust me this jacket is for you.

 photo 1-IMG_3536_zps97dc16bf.jpg  photo 4-IMG_3526_zps3e6d232e.jpg  photo 5-IMG_3527_zps3685d92b.jpg
Photographer - Lois Spencer-Tracey

Duster Jacket -  ℅ Simply Be
Jeans - ℅ Newlook
Oversized T-shirt - Primark 
Boots - Primark 
Bag - ℅ Simply Be.



  1. Love this look and that jacket is so cute. Like how you've styled it. I reeeeally want a duster jacket or a summer coat at the moment but I haven't found the right one! I want a strong print like this but blue hues as they go better with my hair.

    Anyway, great post!


  2. I love this jacket!!! You look amazing in it!

  3. Wow - love this jacket! Gorgeous. Need to find myself something similar - I'm 5ft 8, not sure on your height Callie, just wondering about the length of this?! x