My little Loves.

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I realise I spend a lot of my time moaning, whether that be because of a terrible commute, a rude person, a bad day, bad hair (you get the picture) I find myself having a whinge. Although I think it is healthy to have a whinge every now and then I am trying my best to focus on the things in my life which bring a little extra joy, you know like a really good outfit, when you feel killa and fierce, a good hair day, a brilliant selfie, a nice moment with friends. I think it would be nice to share these things with you, and something for me to read back on in years to come. So in spirit of this I thought I would share with you some of the lovely things from last weekend. Tell me what made you happy last week?

I love this outfit so much, that I had to share. I actually started off on Saturday wearing this boohoo dress with a gorgeous floral Kimono that I got from New Look. I felt super summery, but knowing typical British weather I slipped in my motto just in the weather turned nippy and it of course did. I think I prefer this look to the Kimono what do you think?


A week or so a go a lovely artist by the name of Ruth asked if she could work on a piece of illustration of one of my outfits. I was so thrilled as I had seen Ruth's work and thought it was incredible! Here is my finished piece, I really really love it and I plan on getting it framed for our house. Be sure to check out Ruth's work at 

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Kinda obsessed with Sunglasses right now. I bought 3 pairs at the market on Saturday then walked to the end of the stalls and found these killa 'Cross my heart hope to Die' round glasses which I must own. MUS

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Finally this sign that Hanna found when out in London made me all kinds of happy because uhh how cool is it that street has my name in it? 

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