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Thursday, 24 April 2014

DIY Ripped Jeans.

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A trend that I personally really love at the moment is Ripped Jeans, it is a look that is fairly simple but can be made to look stylish and edgy by just adding a few rips in the fabric. I have a pair of boyfriend jeans with rips that I completely out wore here on the blog, they were just so comfy and chilled that I was always drawn to wearing them. I also really love the rips which have been added to a slimmer fit jean, my only problem was that at first I couldn't find any in plus sizes and was so annoyed that I decided to make my own version using an old pair of ASOS Curve Super Soft Skinnies and some basic fabric scissors. Not long after I did this I actually noticed that ASOS Curve brought out there own version of plus sized ripped jeans so for those who can't be bothered with the hassle of the DIY then you can find them here. I won't bore you with how I did it as to be honest  it was really simple.I just cut a slice away out from the knee area of the jeans then frayed the edges for a more distressed look. It took me less than 10 minutes and I was fairly impressed with the finish. I completed my ripped jeans look with a simple tee,  my Nike Air Max 1's and of course a good application of red lippy.

What I am wearing:

 Box Crop tee - c/o Simply Be
DIY Ripped Jeans - ASOS 
Air Max 1's - Office


  1. You look great Callie! I'm desperate for a pair of ripped jeans at the moment but just can't decide where to get them or what style. Tempted to rip my own but know I'd make a pigs ear of it. Also LOVE your Nike's - need to get me a pair of those!!


  2. Love this look Cal! :) Looking gorgeous as ever! :) xox

  3. You have the most amazing smile :D

  4. Lauren Westwood28 April 2014 at 10:01

    Please do a hair blog! How do you keep you hair healthy looking with it being so long?

  5. You look so adorable in these photos. Cool look as a whole.

  6. You look gorgeous!! I really love your style Callie! :) But your jeans really cool! I will do it too.


  7. such a fun idea, I guess I am goung to rip a pair of jeans soon ;)