Summer, Summer, Summer time.

This weekend London was so beautiful, for the first time it felt like summer, not even spring! The sun was bright and warm and the skies were so blue. Urgh, it felt so good to feel warmth and be able to put on my sunnies, and so to not waste the day I went out to meet my friends and wander Portobello Market. I decided to get the old legs out and wear my oversized panel dress from the Boohoo plus range. Guys, I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am with this dress, it is so light and comfy and I think it may just be my favourite item of clothing right now.  I am also wearing my favorite Anna Lou name necklace, and my beautiful Rose Gold photo locket which I had personally engraved with the date Dan and I met. I know soppiness alert, but it is so lovely to have a special sentiment hanging around my neck. I decided to wear my Floral Kimono for a really summery look but also threw my motto jacket in my bag incase it got a little nippy later in the day which when I wore created a completely different look. I'll save for that for another post, but for now happy Monday! 

 photo 04-DSC_0434-001_zpscdb5748b.jpg  photo 02-DSC_0427_zps66954ba2.jpg  photo 05-DSC_0435_zpsf23724ef.jpg  photo 09-DSC_0399-001_zpsbe7e1d38.jpg  photo 06-DSC_0450-001_zpsb764d14f.jpg  photo 07-DSC_0452_zpsc90150c6.jpg  photo 08-DSC_0454_zps0bb01174.jpg


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