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Sunday, 2 February 2014

She's so 90's.

One of the reasons I love fashion is that it is always reinventing itself, something that was in fashion years ago eventually makes its way back around and boom its the new 'in' thing. 90'S style is for sure back in right now and I am all over it. I love the grunge looks, crops and polo necks! Although I love being girly there is something so freeing about oversized clothes and looking a little less polished. This outfit made me want to listen to TLC and Aaliyah and watch Sister Act 2 whilst playing with a Tamagotchi. Ahh those were the days.

 photo 08-DSC_0146_zpsb5e8c878.jpg  photo 09-DSC_0191_zpsdb9d1470.jpg  photo 1-DSC_0199_zps8eb5655a.jpg  photo 07-DSC_0143_zpsb1cc8c95.jpg


Tartan Coat - *New Look
Parental Advisory - Primark similar here
Black Boots - Primark similar here 
Beanie - Ebay


  1. 90's indeed! Go girl! love those booties too, the pair that we have alike from asos with the white sole I found other colors so excited to get them.

  2. Callie you cow!!!! You've got the coat I want! It looks soooo nice on you! Loving the parental advisory tee too and the jeans! Hottie xxxxxxxxxx

  3. Polly Daszkiewicz4 February 2014 at 06:44

    Love this look; especially the coat & jeans!

  4. You look fabulous! I need that coat!

  5. Great look, Callie! I'm girly myself but it's so hard for me to veer off that route. Even when I try to something delicate has to be added for myself to calm down. lolol.

  6. I lalalalove this look!!!
    I want your whole outfit <3

  7. L-O-V-E T-H-I-S O-U-T-F-I-T! Makes me want to bust out my VHS and watch some Sister Act, Clerks, Mall Rats, Fresh Prince and all the oldies but still goodies!