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Sunday, 23 February 2014

Run Way Inspiration

I don't know about you, but I find myself far too often thinking an item of clothing I own can only be worn once. When realistically with some time and attention, your wardrobe can be entirely reinvented by mixing and matching. A few days ago I posted a look wearing my gorgeous PU leather Midi Skirt, when I first chose the item I envisioned it to be only really worn in one style but after a lot of dress up time, whilst dancing along to Bey in my bedroom I managed to whip up another look. My outfit was very much inspired by the Karen Walker A/W collection from New York fashion week. I think that a splus size woman the clothes that we see on the cat walk always seem inaccessible to us because they are simply not designed for our body types. However with better options being made for us all the time there are ways to recreate these looks. So here you have it my high street version of a Cat Walk look. 

~  photo 05-DSC_0266_zpsb3ae8cda.jpg  photo 09-DSC_0274_zpse590dfb9.jpg  photo 08-DSC_0273_zps1df36f94.jpg  photo 10-DSC_0279_zpsbb6d61a5.jpg

*White Shirt here
*Nude Sweater here
*Leather Skirt here
*Boots here
*Bag here.


  1. Patricia Moral Solés24 February 2014 at 07:04

    You look lovely in that outfit, really suits you x

  2. I love this! We can def take things off the runway and make it ours. I loved wearing my sweater and top like this all the time. I still do! I have to have that tote, I've been looking around for a plain black tote for awhile!

  3. Absolutely loving this look! Love your style and the way you rocked it better than the Runway!