Love your Assets Review

I haven't written a review in such a long time, mainly because the requests I often have aren't things that I think are suitable for me or for you my readers. However when I was asked to review Sainsburys new collaboration with the Spanx 'Love your Assets' shape wear I thought I would give it a go. I know that people have mixed opinions on shape wear and that's cool, but I for one am a fa, in fact I always have been, years a go it was to try and make myself look as slim as possible, then obvioulsy after working on my body confidence and starting this blog I finally realised shape wear won't make you look slim, only being slim will make you slim. Instead shape wear can help mould, shape and create illusions using the great things your body shape has already got. For me personally I too get the typical VBO (visible belly outline) that's not going to change. I have a large tummy area which is probably the main thing that I am most self conscious about. Wearing shape wear helps keep things tucked in a little bit more for a particularly special occasion. I personally do not wear shape wear daily, that's just not for me! So here is the 'High-Waist Panty' that I was sent, sorry for the terrible picture but I forgot to take one of the item before I put it on, bad blogger! 

 photo 4-DSC_0386_zps482f71ef.jpg  photo 3-DSC_0379_zps1471a684.jpg  photo 1-DSC_0387_zps353b62f8.jpg  photo 2-DSC_0381_zpsec77dd88.jpg

Let me tell you girls I broke out a serious sweat putting these on. My god they were tight, however thankfully they did stretch and when I finally got them on they did not feel uncomfortable at all. I was sent and XL and I think I most likely could have done with a size bigger. As you can see there is a slight difference in the moulding of my shape, its not huge but it did certainly provide a more smoothed and defined outline. The spanx that I  am wearing can be found in selected Sainsbury's store and the prices start from just £14 not bad aye?  Even though Spanx has some questionable names for their items  such as 'Skinny Britches' which I personally think is not cool, I have to say the product itself is quite impressive. So Spanx if you are reading this please think about renaming those items not everyone aims to be skinny some of us are quite happy with just an occasional helping hand. 

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