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Main pic

Monday, 17 February 2014

Cut For Evans.

On Wednesday of last week I found myself at the Cut For Evans launch party. The night involved dancing to Beyonce, eating some kind of amazing cheese balls, selfies with good hair and swooning over some particularly impeccable items from the new Cut For Evans collection. The two designers Alice Farrow's and Rebecca Partington's who won the Evans design talent competition created some of the boldness, brightest most beautiful prints that I have ever seen. What I love most about this collection is that it goes against everything we are ever taught as bigger women. No prints, no bright colours, nothing too tight fitting. Well this has all of those things and I love it. I snapped a few pictures of the collection, as well as one of me wearing it basically I want it all. All I can say in this post is good work Evans and thank you for an incredible evening. 

   photo 1-DSC_0415_zpsf0c3c09c.jpg

Here are the gorgeous designers!

 photo 7-DSC_0424_zpsf583fa60.jpg
Margie looking da'bomb in this dress, just look at those legs! 

 photo 8-DSC_0405_zps8cc1b22b.jpg
 photo 3-DSC_0417_zps927e195f.jpg  photo 4-DSC_0420_zps3e209a65.jpg

Here I am wearing my favourite piece from the collection, this gorgeous jumpsuit! 

 photo 5-DSC_0428_zps349513e0.jpg

What do you think of the collection? Anything that stands out to you as a must buy piece?


  1. The yellow dress and the skyscraper top! I love that jumpsuit on you amazing!

  2. Ah Callie, you look AMAZING in the jumpsuit! x

  3. Ooh, that jumpsuit looks bella on you! I love the knits, especially the bolero. x x

  4. I love the blue abstract print trousers don't know why but not the top at least not together but the print is beautiful. That jumpsuit looks amazing as well, you look amazing :) xx

  5. That yellow dress is growing on me day by day! Def need to try it on.

  6. The colours are gorgeous! You pull off that jumpsuit so well too!

    Shan | Dimple to Dimple

  7. Love that yellow dress need it in my wardrobe <3

  8. I really like the jumpsuit on you, its so flattering. I must confess im not a fan of the yellow dress though. X