Taking Shape Active Wear.

I was apprehensive about posting this, especially at this time of the year when the January body shaming shit is at it's peak. Talking about health and weight loss can be uncomfortable for some people and I get that, really I do. Most of my life I have been big but I never let that get in the way of my happiness and life. I love being active. I love Cycling, Swimming and Zumba and I am a firm believer that exercise improves the well being of the mind. Exercise doesn't have to be about weight loss, and even though I would be happy to lose a few lbs to ease some of the pain I suffer on my knee from the surgery I had last year, I am very comfortable in my own skin. I personally am ready to get moving again, before I dislocated me knee cap over a year ago, I was extremely active and after surgery I slowly lost all motivation, my gym kit sat over in the corner of my room dusty and unloved. So when Taking Shape got in touch with me to review their active wear I jumped on it like a car bonnet. They were the first plus size brand that I have seen that actually has a large and wide range of active wear from sizes 14-26. Getting gym kit from high street stores is damn near impossible, it baffles me! The government encourages everyone to be active yet entirely excludes the people they claim need it the most. Once I tried on an XL pair of sports leggings in Sports Direct and couldn't get them past my thighs, it was like I was doing a work out just getting dressed so RIDICULOUS. Thankfully Taking Shape holds a large selection of gym kit, from Leggings, to Yoga Pants to T-shirts, even Jackets for those who enjoy outdoor activity. I am super impressed. The clothes themselves are made from Tech Fabric which retains shape and colour, controls moisture to keep you cool and is chafe free. The jacket has pockets and breathable fabric and the leggings have a coin pocket to keep your money or iPod which is handy. Exercising may not be your thing and that is totally cool, so sorry if this post was a total bore to you. If it is then I whole heartily recommend this active wear. I am wearing a 2XL which actually is a little too big so if you are around a size 20/22 I would size down. Now I am kitted out I can't wait to get back to Zumba and Twerk until my hearts desire. 

 photo 04-DSC_0621_zpsb3abbb92.jpg  photo 10-DSC_0667_zpsd4c7272f.jpg  photo 06-DSC_0627_zpsd1bb528f.jpg  photo 03-DSC_0615_zps17e85b3e.jpg  photo 07-DSC_0637_zps9c990f7e.jpg  photo 02-DSC_0612_zpse730ab71.jpg

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