If at first you don't succeed

I have had these Dungarees since they first came onto ASOS's website I ordered them straight away as finding plus size dungarees is damn near impossible. When they arrived I tried them on and for some reason really hated them on me. I was actually going to send them back but obviously being the loser I am I forgot, so they have sat in my wardrobe unloved for months. This weekend Dan and I decided to pop to Brixton and I was looking for something to wear and thought let me just try them on again. I don't know why but they didn't look as bad, maybe because I wore them with a crop top instead of a full t-shirt, who knows! I guess sometimes we all have those days where what ever you try on nothing feels right, or looks good. I get those days all the time, just because I post myself on the internet doesn't mean I am not insecure and I have to remind myself all the time that it is okay and normal to feel like that. Do you ever get those days?

 photo 2-DSC_0057_zpscc4fdcd2.jpg  photo 1-DSC_0050-001_zps79c47a5f.jpg  photo 3-DSC_0058_zpsc843d549.jpg


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