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Main pic

Thursday, 21 March 2013

A monthly round up - Instagram

February, yeh that went quick one day it was valentines then all of a sudden it was my birthday but you know what they say time flies when you're having fun. In the spirit of fun things I thought I would do a little round up of what I have been doing the last month or so, mostly from Instagram, mainly because I am addicted, who doesn't love a filter aye?

Just putting some PDA out there for you all to vom at. Love my little days out with Dan
and that for no reason at all he buys me tulips. 

Oxford Street at dusk, my love for London grows daily cannot wait for summer! Also love the fact that 
I wore a sheer top outside of the house belly and all kinda proud of myself.

  Birthday outfit and pout realness with my babe Georgina from Fuller Figure Fuller Bust.

My face because, well why not.

 Birthday celebrations, too much wine, rum, vodka jelly shots.

I made some really good memories this month, life has been a little less stressful and I have been doing a lot more things for myself, challenging myself to do new things be a little more out going. Friends and Dan make my life. Daily. <3

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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

A little bit of Loving #3

It is no secret that I write this Blog from a perspective as a plus size woman. One thing that I have realised (from feedback) is that some of the issues  I have talked about on my Blog do resonate with some of my readers. Today I wanted to share you with a different perspective of being plus-size from my best friend Anthon. That's right ladies and gents I have some hot plus-size male eye candy for you. 

Anthon has been my best friend forever and he is literally like my brother. As you can imagine we have both shared some similar experiences, with being bigger than some of our other friends, we have always supported each other with issues to do with our weight and our self confidence. It was actually Anthon that encouraged me to work on being more confident. He has always taken the don't give a f**k attitude in terms of how he enjoys fashion. As you can see from the above pictures he WERKS colour and hats and accessories. Anthon is always extremely nifty with a sewing machine and he tailors all his jeans, taking boring bland plus size jeans and making them a skinny fashion statement, he inspires me constantly to step out of my comfort zone and be bolder with my fashion even better that I live with him so I have my own personal stylist in from the comfort of my home. Not only this he also writes a Blog Boy does Big where he shows tutorials of clothes tailoring for other plus size men. Overall my boy is owning it and I couldn't be happier to have a friend who is supportive of my endeavours on my Blog. I think ya'll should go and show him some love @anthonvodden <3

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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

What a girl wants.

I love that I just titled a this post with a Christina Aguilera song but hey who doesn't love a 90's throwback? I seem to be buying a lot of my clothes lately on ASOS and for some reason I haven't really been looking at other sites, today I thought I would have a mooch on New Look and see if there was anything that caught my eye. As you all know there isn't a lot of variety for us plus-size babes on the high street but I managed to find a few gems that are on point with the trends that are about now.




I can't even believe that I am posting these but... jackets. Yep I was looking at jackets because it's been fricken mental weather in London; snowing and raining and all sorts for the past few weeks. What the hell is going on? I was hoping to be ditching the jackets for some nice cardigans and loose sweaters with the hope of a little bit of sunshine, but NO instead I am looking for jackets In New Look These ones below are really nice and a little lighter than a heavy duty winter coat and again are on trend.


Stone (Stone ) Inspire Stone Contrast Piping Trench Coat | 267839016 | New Look

Red Pattern (Red) Inspire Red and White Baseball R Jersey Jacket | 274061169 | New Look


Green Pattern (Green) Inspire Green Camouflage Utility Jacket  | 265878239 | New Look

I hope this post wasn't too boring I know I haven't really done anything like this in ages, just thought it would be nice to post what's out there for you babes to get your hands on. What do you think anything good up there or have you got any recommendations? 

Callie xXx

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Sunday, 17 March 2013

Floral love.

Keeping this post short and sweet. I have been getting lost of questions about my floral trousers that you saw a snippet of in my last post so thought I would do a full post here. I found the beauties for £14 in ASDA and I am in love with them, was so gutted that the next day after buying them they went down to £7! I can't see them online anymore either so if you like them pop into your ASDA and have a mooch there is some really nice things in there at the moment.

ASOS Curve Grey Coat

Plus size floral print trousers

Evans Ombre denim shirt plus size

What I am wearing.

Coat- ASOS Curve. 
Denim Shirt - Evans 
Lace Blazer -Evans
Trousers - Asda 
Orange Heels - Evans
Converse - Primark 

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Friday, 15 March 2013

Clements Ribeiro Press Launch & Birthday fun.

Yesterday was my Birthday, and this year was even more special than most. I was so lucky to spend the day at the Evans press launch for the S/S Clements Ribeiro Swan collection. Many of you know I modelled for this collection as part of a bloggers collaboration and this was the first time I saw the photos of the shoot. I had every faith in the designers as they are beyond talented and their creative vision paid off we all looked fabulous. I wanted to look my best for the launch and because I was the birthday girl. The sun was shining and although I was ridden with a hideous cold I put on my new floral trousers (seperate outfit post coming for that) and headed to choccywoccydoodah for the launch.

Nothing like chocolate dipped strawberries and Champagne to celebrate your birthday.

 photo DSC_0262-001_zpsc4fbb481.jpg

 photo DSC_0255-001_zpsdbdfdd2c.jpg
 photo DSC_0252-001_zpsfc32b872.jpg 

            How amazing do my babes look?  I was in awe seeing the photos.
             There were only a select few on display but I will be sure to post more in another post when more are revealed.

   photo DSC_0248-001_zps268e9ed8.jpg photo DSC_0247-001_zpsef88e147.jpg

 photo DSC_0235-001_zps4e8afa0b.jpg  photo DSC_0236-001_zpsce2a947c.jpg

 photo DSC_0263-001_zps5bd3bef3.jpg  photo DSC_0258-001_zpse8ab347d.jpg  photo DSC_0238-001_zps4ef23128.jpg
 photo DSC_0269-001_zps6b2d1993.jpg

As you can see I had a pretty wonderful day filled with Champagne, chocolate and tea party madness.  I am even more excited to see the full reveal of the Clements Ribeiro campaign so far so perfect. Thank you to all of you who wished me happy birthday. Love me
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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Feast London Food Festival.

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Sunday, 10 March 2013


I don't know about you but I have a love hate with Wednesdays. It's the middle of the week, so I am normally so over work by this point and the weekend is in sight but not quite close enough! What a way to cheer up a otherwise gloomy Wednesday than a party at Shoreditch house launching the new Artist Series collaboration project for Lacoste. Not too shabby for Callie. Arriving in Shoreditch fairly early and with some time to kill, my girl Amy and I decided to pop into the Drunken Monkey for a few cheeky happy hour cocktails and some banging Dim Sum.  This place is actually a restaurant and I would love to do a full review of this another time, so far so good.

After a good catch up and a ridiculously good pineapple mojito we headed over to the event. I was so excited to finally meet Lauren from Girl Who Stole London and Lereese from Girl Who Stole Vintage, literally in love with both their blogs, go check them out, then thank me later. 

I loved the atmosphere at the event, good people, good music and free sweets, me likey. The new Artist Tee's from Lacoste are also on point, the L!VE collection have created five T-shirts inspired and created by five unique artists. I loved the funky art and cool patterns on all the Tee's if T-shirts are your kinda thing you can check them out here . Yep, So that was my Wednesday and the remaining days of the week weren't that bad either! What did you all get up to this week?

Callie xXx

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Saturday, 2 March 2013

Portobello road. Outfit Post.

Saturdays Dan and I normally awake, and move from our bed straight down to the sofa for the rest of the weekend. I mean who doesn't love slothing on the sofa? Films, snacks and snuggles yup that will do me. Today though we decided to actually make something of the day, it was a clear, brisk day so perfect for a mooch around a market. We decided on Portobello Market in Notting Hill, purely because it is close and really quite lovely to walk around on breezy saturday. Oh here is what I wore seen as I haven't done an outfit post in a while an some pictures of the treasures of Portobello Road. 

Jacket - ASOS Curve 
Jeans ASOS Curve
Boots - Evans 
Peplum Sheer top - ASOS Curve 
Bag - Primark 

Today was lovely, good weather, good food and good company what more could a girl want. 
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