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Monday, 30 December 2013

She's Electric.

Blog posts have kind of being far a few between over the Christmas,what with me being so busy I couldn't find the time. BAHAHA. As if. I have clearly have been doing nothing. Nada, zilch over this holiday. In fact I have been meaning to wear this amazing bargain coat for some time now. I found this Ralph Lauren long line coat in a charity shop in London for just £35. When I got home and googled it, it was selling on eBay for over £200. Absolute bargain! It techinally is a mans coat but who the hell cares when it looks this good right? The top I am wearing was an Evans jobby from before Christmas, which is fitting seen as I am having a love affair with Colbalt blue at the moment. I love its electric brightness especially for running round to do errands. Yeh yeh, I am judging myself for having no where fabulous to wear it but it cheered up my day and gave me the push I needed to step away from the leftover Christmas chocolate and finally leave the house. If we don't speak before Happy New Year to you all love me <3 xoxo 

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Coat - Ralph Lauren - Lauren 
Bag - Primark.


  1. I have been looking at that top on Evans website as it is awesome and your coat what a bargain!! Happy New Year to you!!! xx

  2. ooh I've been looking for a coat like that. My aunt came over with this amazing coat and I'm like where is this from? She tells me my grandmother got it for her before she passed which was like 14 years ago. The coat looks like yours too. I want to steal it so bad! It has the cutest gold buttons too! I guess I need to start looking for one.

  3. beautiful as always! loving the coat!