Whilst cleaning up the remains of Christmas the other day I happened upon one of my old notepads on my book shelf. I am notorious for my note taking, I love making lists, organising planning and generally jotting so I always have them laying around. It just so happened that I found one from 2012, it was one of my slimming diary note pads. When I opened the book I saw that I had written a note inside: 

"17 weeks until Barbados Holidays!! Must behave otherwise will be massive fatty on the beach. "

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I had to take it in for a second, the person that wrote that felt very distant from the person that was reading it. I cannot believe that for most of my adult life I have talked to myself this. For the majority of my life I have spend too much time obsessing over my body, my dress size, my weight. I have spent so many years calling myself horrible names in order to push myself to be slimmer. I bet you are wondering what relevance this note even has to New Year resolutions, well it has everything to do with it. In 2012, like other people I made resolutions. I made a promise to myself that 2013 would be the year where I didn't obsess over my image, where I would love myself, quit dieting and start approaching my life and my weight differently. For the first time ever I actually stuck to it. Barbados came and went, I made it to the beach no lighter than when I started that slimming diary yet I had one of the most amazing holidays of my life. I came out the other side of 2013 with a different outlook on everything. I threw myself into blogging, I stopped reading body shaming magazines and tv programmes and starting reading body positive blogs. I stopped trying fad diets, I said yes to ever opportunity that came my way. 2013 was life changing. Even though I haven't really written my resolutions I encourage you to take a moment to think about what you want out of 2014 and realise that with perseverance that you can achieve what ever you want. Be it a new job,  a new hobby, new friends, even a new body remember that you can do it. I am not writing this post to attack any one who is planning on making a resolution to lose weight, or planning on not making resolutions at all. Life is so short and you have to do what ever makes you happy. Just promise yourself that you won't buy a dress just so you can fit into it. You can wear dresses and any size and you would still look beautiful. Promise yourself that you won't not wear that bathing suit over the summer because you haven't reached your goal weight. Promise yourself that you owe to you to love your body at any size. I don't know what 2014 holds for me but what ever it does, I am ready. I am ready to live every last minute of it. I hope you do to. 

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