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Monday, 9 December 2013

Colour Blocking.

I was due a shopping binge and boy did I have one this Friday. I hadn't really stepped into a shop or treated myself to something that I really wanted for such a long time, I've made it no secret that I actually really dislike shopping and normally I stick to online perusing. However Friday I fancied popping into Primark to see what was about. One coat, a pair of boots, PJ's, socks and gifts later and I had spend nearly two hours in there. Don't ask. Thankfully I left with something perfect for myself, a new coat! On Saturday Dan and I got dressed up to go for dinner and drinks with some friends over from Germany so I put on my new Cobalt Blue coat along with my very own home made colour block dress and new Chelsea style booties. I try and mix my summer wardrobe with my winter so that I can make the most out of my favorite items so I decided to pair my grey crop top with a simple black skater skirt in order to make my own two piece dress. I threw on my new boots and my blue coat and I was ready to go. Apparently I am not the only one who loves my blue coat, when I turned up to meet my friends from Germany my friend was wearing the same thing. Awkward or perfectly coordinated?

 photo 18-DSC_0387-001_zps8a2a8c6c.jpg
 photo 1-DSC_0390-001_zps0538823f.jpg  photo 4-DSC_0406-001_zpsb991c8a3.jpg  photo 3-DSC_0401-001_zps9058988a.jpg  photo 7-DSC_0414-001_zps2b68f770.jpg  photo 6-DSC_0413-001_zps06206797.jpg  photo 3dd2b65e5f9111e394a00ec3b6531b36_8_zps082023cc.jpg
 photo 2-DSC_0392-001_zps607c59a6.jpg



  1. so cute! love your coat

  2. Looking good, baby cakes! Loving the coat and boots. x x

  3. love the blue coat

  4. Definitely your shade of blue. It brightens the whole look and lifts your skin tone and makes you appear fresher and more radiant. Thank you for including my blog post in your magazine.