Christmas Glam.

Christmas was pretty darn good this year, full of all things festive and good. Food, drink and lazing. That's right lazing. Christmas wouldn't be Christmas if it wasn't filled with some good honest slothing. This is pretty much all we have done, which I know doesn't quite match with my blog post title but fear not I have a glam dress to show you today! Although my Christmas day was less than glamorous, spent at home and volunteering with the elderly I made time to try on my gorgeous Scarlett and Jo dress which I was kindly sent this December. Although I didn't have anywhere glamorous to wear it I got dressed on Christmas morning, opened a bottle of Advocat (for my traditional snowballs!) and put on my beautiful dress to show Dan. I stood outside with my unbrushed hair in my fur coat and this glorious velvet maxi dress. I felt like a glamorous albeit slightly twattish looking girl, stood outside in the freezing cold, taking pictures in a fur coat! Its nice to not take yourself too seriously and getting dressed up like a princess on Christmas morning really took me back to being little and running round playing dress up. After this mini photo shoot (lol) I changed back into my leggings and Christmas jumper and made our way to the Rotary club to serve lunch to 425 elderly people. When the guests (ranging from 50-103!!!! ) started arriving they all looked pretty snazzy, some of the older ladies looked gorgeous in their dresses and fur coats so much so that I began to wish I had worn mine!

 photo 01-DSC_0442_zps73dd2d25.jpg  photo 03-DSC_0452_zpsf6e366b6.jpg  photo 1468492_10153653268620571_2039000743_n_zps88b0fa2e.jpg  photo 541406_10153651988190571_902056305_n_zps57276e4e.jpg