Baby you're a firework.

Nothing like a Katy Perry song to cheer up an otherwise dreary Monday. This Monday feels more miserable than most as we just spent the most amazing weekend in Berlin. We had the trip planned for a while as an anniversary gift to each other and Dan and I always said we wanted to see what Berlin had to offer, turns out it has a lot. I think it picks the post as one of my favorite cities in Europe, I will do an more in-depth post on my favorite things about Berlin so keep an eye out for that but for now I thought I would share with you what I wore whilst I was away. I was super excited to outfit plan for this weekend and I really went out of my comfort zone when putting this particular look together. I decided to have a go of knee high socks. I saw a girl in London recently wearing a jumper, skirt and knee high socks and I just loved every inch of it so much so that I decided to take my own spin on it. I have to be honest when I tried it on in the hotel room I felt good walking outside was a different story altogether. I felt pretty exposed and for the first hour of wearing the outfit I got myself all worked up that I looked silly. It's crazy how paranoia can really change your mindset. I kept saying to Dan "Do I look bad?, Is that person staring at my legs" he kept telling me over and over that I looked beautiful and that no one was paying attention to what I was wearing. I soon realised that it really was in my head. Looking back on the photos I think, you know what girl you fucking own those knee high socks. I hope you will take my advise and not let the little person in the back of your mind stop you from wearing that fabulous short dress, or that bikini, or those shorts. Be brave. Be a firework.

 photo 02-DSC_0110-001_zpsc5560546.jpg  photo 04-DSC_0116-001_zpse2f6b514.jpg  photo 05-DSC_0140_zps8b6ed0a9.jpg  photo 01-DSC_0108-001_zpse9b7146b.jpg
Jumper - Next Metallic Longline Bouclé Top
 Skirt - (c/o) New Look
 Boots - New Look
 Necklace - old
Rose Gold Satchel  (c/o) - LYDC London


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