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Friday, 18 October 2013

This week I have loved.

Having seen a fair few Friday Favorite blog posts floating around I thought I would have a go of my own. I really really enjoy reading these kind of roundup posts I love the variety of the content it is a great way to catch up on a whole host of interests. I plan on making this a regular feature, sharing with you, my wonderful readers all the things I have loved of the week.


This week if you have't noticed I have loved Tartan.... it's kinda been all over my blog and IG this week. It is the newest A/W trend to hit the high street and can be worn in so many ways. I am switching up my style at the moment so loving the grunge look that tartan brings. Here are some of my favorite Tartan looks from this week by two of my most favorite bloggers.

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Amarachi Ukachu

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Also see below some of the other amazing tartan pieces around on the high street and internet shopping!


So if you didn't catch the car crash that was #fatshamingweek on twitter then you are lucky. It was a ridiculous bullying ploy formulated to try and make people feel bad about their bodies. I am not even going to give it to much airtime it was a load of shit, and I will leave it at that. Thankfully the better part of the Human Race reacted with  #bodyconfidenceweek. Twitter was filled with positive uplifting tweets showing solidarity to the body positivism movement. Here are some of the

Blog posts That I have LOVED  Lesley KinzelFrivolous Mrs DThe Nearsighted Owl  and a phenomenal video response by Meghan Tonjes.



Nicolette Mason curates a box of favorites to reflect her personal style - snag her hero pick plus two mystery items she's paired together!

Who doesn't love a beautiful sparkly necklace? Especially when it comes in a surprise box and designed my my lovely friend Nicolette . Read about her collaboration with Bauble Bar  'here' 

Talking of beautiful necklaces I am lusting after this Gorgeous blue piece by Galibardy.

Neptune Crystal Necklace

I have decided that I don't use my iPad enough so the plan is to get myself a nice shiny new case when pay day arrives. Here are some of the cases I am lusting after, scroll to see my favs!

So what have you loved this week? I would love to hear how your week has been so leave me a comment box and make my week even better. 

Callie xoxo

1 comment:

  1. Andrea Constantine18 October 2013 at 12:40

    I love the tartan scarf on you :) I'm not sure if I can pull off tartan so little splashes of the trend - such as the scarf - would be perfect for me!
    Cute post :) and the fat shaming thing was ridiculous. Girls of all shapes of sizes can be beautiful, just as people of all shapes and sizes can be ugly - and by that I mean their ugly, ugly personalities!
    I definitely need more body confidence though!
    As for iPad cases.. have you looked at the Ted Baker ones? More expensive than F&F, granted haha, but less than Marc by Marc Jacobs!
    Keep in touch :)
    Andrea xxx