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Sunday, 6 October 2013


Today I am talking about something a little different on here. Today I am talking about Plus Size fitness. Now I know this won't be of interest to everyone, but it is something that interests me and has done for a long time. Contrary to popular belief I have always enjoyed keeping active, and although many people think that at my size I surely couldn't enjoy exercise, healthy eating or fitness, I do. I love swimming, aqua aerobics, Cycling and Zumba and used to attend classes 3 times a week! Last march I unfortunately had a nasty accident where I dislocated my knee cap, and did some pretty bad damage to my knee which resulted in surgery this January.

Yeh, it wasn't too fun, exercise took the back burner and if I am honest I have lost confidence in myself and my ability to exercise. I had kinda given up interest and was in a slump until, last week CeCe one of my fav bloggers from NYC contacted me if I would like to be involved in a fitness challenge/programme that she had designed. The programme is there  help plus size women improve there health and fitness if they so felt they wanted to.  I had seen the #PSPfit hastags a lot in the first cycle of #PSPfit and really loved the community support that was given to help girls reach their health goals. Although I will be doing a little my own food plan I am so looking forward to having some encouragement and support from a community of beautiful and inspiring women! Here is a little info about the girls involved.

This cycle of #PSPfit will be running for 30 days before the run up to the American holiday Thanks Giving. If any of my readers would like to join in here is what is offered to you:

  • 30 Days of meal plans, grocery lists and weekly Nutrition Guidance in person/via phone from Abra Pappa, Nutritious America
  • Weekly Fitness videos like “Arms, Abs & Inner Thighs” via YouTube to tone, strengthen, build endurance for healthy curves, routines designed by renowned trainers at Personal P.E.P.P.E.R
  • 30 Days of unlimited online yoga sessions from YogaWorks
  • Access to a private facebook group, moderated by the #PSPfit professionals and the #PSPfit Cheer Squad who is there to motivate you along the way
    Weekly phone calls with the global #PSPfit community and our nutritionist
    Discounts and giveaways from the sponsor, Lane Bryant Activewear
  • Complimentary Admission to Weekly Group Workouts in NYC
  • Complimentary Admission to Weekly Nutrition Classes in NYC
  • a 7 Day pass to a YogaWorks studio near you

    Basically in a break down #PSPfit is a social media movement with a focus on health at every size that uses social media influence to give women of all sizes access to a nutritionist and personal trainer at a really good rate! The cost for this is worth around $1800 but is available this cycle at just $99 which is about £61 if you would like to be involved click here. Anyone in the world can be involved not just in the US so if you fancy joining me do let me know!
    I know that health is personal and exercise and healthy eating is something everyone has or wants to do. You know me, this is what this blog is all about, personal choice. I want to make that clear to any of my readers who aren't comfortable with this kind of thing. It's totally cool. Aside of that if you would like to join or just follow my little journey. I will find me tweeting, selfie-ing (not even a word is it LOL) and Facebooking as per. 

Love xoxo

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