Keeping it casual.

A few years back my wardrobe consisted of black leggings and black tops. I used to wear the same things over and over and always had the mindset that I wouldn't buy clothes until I lost enough weight to look nice in them. Since starting this blog my whole outlook on my life and my body image has changed. I have ditched that ridiculous idea and now allow myself the privilege of feeling good at any size. I have learnt to dress for any occasion including just for knocking about on the weekend . My advise is to just invest a few basics such as a black tube skirt and a decent leather jacket. You can mix up your look with different tees, sweaters, jumpers. One thing I will say is buy a good tube skirt and size down as they can stretch out which as you can see in my photos below has already started to happen! So annoying. Here is my simple casual weekend look. 


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