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 New Look *
Boots - Primark (link to similar)
Fedora - Primark

I love this outfit considering it was so impromptu. I Literally threw it on this morning and wished for the best. which turned out to be a pretty good shout. I'm not normally a girly print kinda gal but I love this black and white heart print, from New look Inspire it's very pretty and in the skater style which you all know I love. Wearing it with a trusty leather jacket finished it off perfectly. I kind of went of the inspire range ( the plus size brand of New look) but they seem to be working hard to improving the options for us plus size babes. So now lets talk about my hat! I  have never been a hat person, I have always wanted to be hat person but alas I have a huge head and I am often unable to get one to fit my weirdly shaped skull but I am obsessed with this Fedora. This is a Primark jobby that I managed to fit  into including my masses of hair which, talking of hair do we like my new colour?

 I was so glad to go back to my chocolate brown, my hair from the sun and remaining dyes made my hair look dull and lifeless and now it feels shiny and new! Also yesterday I played vintage dress up with my fellow blogger babe George for a Pinup/Vintage photo shoot in Manchester. I went completely out of my comfort zone and felt kinda sexy. What do you all think? Do I suit the pinup look?

If you like my outfit from above then you can shop my look here. Also look out the the next few post where I will be showing you the professional photos from the day.