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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Dream Jeans.


I don't even know how long it has been since I have worn a skinny jeans and shirt combo, I went through this stage of only wearing leggings and dresses and finding a decent pair of jeans was damn near impossible. Jeans and me have't always got on, they are either too large on the leg, too small on the waist, and getting a pair of skinny jeans to actually look like they are skinny on me was a no go. With them being too small (and quite frankly uncomfortable) you have the chance of some pretty awkward moments.
1. The visible bum/underwear
2. The accidental undone fly.

I know you have all experienced at least one of the moments never enjoyable I can tell you that. This time however I think I may have found an all round good skinny jean. On Friday the lovely girls at the New Look Inspire team invited me to come say hello at the head office and kindly gave me some gorgeous treats. The jeans were one of them! When I got home and tried them on I ran into Dan in the living room and announced that I was actually comfortably in a pair of jeans, I did a little bum shimmy. He loved it. The next day I was heading to Essex for dinner with my friends so wanted something casual but smart so I threw on my skinny jeans and my *Simply Be shirt and off I went. Lets ignore the fact that I featured tartan in my last two posts. I'm not obsessed or anything. Promise.





Shirt - Simply Be
Boots - Primark
Bag - Celine Dupe



  1. I've got that shirt too, and I love it! (and I also have paired it with skinny jeansl! XD) here

  2. New Look do the best jeans! My favourite! They always seem to do them reasonably high wasted too which are super comfortable!

    Jen xx

  3. looking good. love the wash of that demin!

  4. The Fashion Sailor23 October 2013 at 11:05

    I love this look and how it looks on you!
    Kisses from :)

  5. jeans from new look are Godsent for curvier girls!! I loveeeeee them to death. They are literally the only jeans that fit perfectly without muffin top.. i love the fact that they have different lenghts as well so girls with short legs like me can find my the perfect length. New look jeans have totally changed my life, i used to wear leggings a lot because no jeans fit me well.. ( I have tried asos, forever21+,evans, h&m, etc etc and only new look jeans fit perfectly and flattering!! )

    you look gorgeous with the plaid shirt and jeans btw! <3

  6. Oh wow I love this so much! I'm not getting sick of the tartan by the way!

  7. sandratheblackpearl28 October 2013 at 11:27

    Looking gorgeous Callie! I need some tartan in my life :)

  8. YES! New Look are amazing for jeans, and they're also amazing for people with legs as short as mine - I bought my last pair of jeans from New Look and I wear them far more than any others :)

    You look delicious Callie - so badly want to wear your tartan shirt! Maaannnnn!


  9. I love New Look jeans too! They are just so comfortable. Jeans can be horrible if they don't fit right! Thanks so much for your lovely comment! x