A little bit of Loving.

It has been months since I have written one of these posts. But I really am going to start making this a regular thing. I see so many bloggers and non bloggers with impeccable style and I never get round to letting them know it. For me it is important to share the love. This community of plus size bloggers and readers is not limited and I want everyone to feel welcome so please see below my newest feature.

Today I am featuring.
Bee the writer of The Littlest Buzz

I am a little bit obsessed with Bee's style. I follow her on Instagram and I am forever loving her style! What I love most is the diversity of her outfits, she wears a host of on trend items and I am always left feeling inspired. Although Bee has only been blogging since July she has swiftly become one of my favorite bloggers.  I also really enjoy reading her blog for her beauty posts, never boring and always informative. So I guess you get the picture I am a big fan. Go check out her blog! 

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