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Friday, 11 October 2013

A little bit of Loving.

It has been months since I have written one of these posts. But I really am going to start making this a regular thing. I see so many bloggers and non bloggers with impeccable style and I never get round to letting them know it. For me it is important to share the love. This community of plus size bloggers and readers is not limited and I want everyone to feel welcome so please see below my newest feature.

Today I am featuring.
Bee the writer of The Littlest Buzz

I am a little bit obsessed with Bee's style. I follow her on Instagram and I am forever loving her style! What I love most is the diversity of her outfits, she wears a host of on trend items and I am always left feeling inspired. Although Bee has only been blogging since July she has swiftly become one of my favorite bloggers.  I also really enjoy reading her blog for her beauty posts, never boring and always informative. So I guess you get the picture I am a big fan. Go check out her blog! 


  1. I love Bee's blog! Such a babe :) x

  2. LOve her style especially the tee in the first picture!

    Emma x

  3. The style is awesome! And those liner flicks fab!!!



    Inanity and the Girl

  4. Actually this is my pet hate...and I,m not sure why its caught on with other bloggers....the first photo looks like you need a wee! Posture....why are your toes pointing inwards like a pigeon? I like your style and I think you are a very pretty girl but I don't like how you hold yourself. Its not just you, I see it with other bloggers as well...who look like they have some sort of chronic fit!